Palworld Pals Glitching At Base

If you’re experiencing issues with Pals glitching at your base in Palworld, here are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem:

  1. Reset Pal Location:

    • Remove the glitching Pals from your base by placing them into the Palbox and then reintroducing them to the base. This often resets their pathfinding and behavior.
  2. Clearance and Placement:

    • Ensure there is enough space around structures for larger Pals to move. Placing buildings too close to each other or to the base boundaries can cause Pals to get stuck. Large Pals, especially flying ones, require more space to navigate effectively.
  3. Use the Alarm Bell:

    • Construct an Alarm Bell in your base. Activating it can sometimes reset the Pals’ alert status and resolve unresponsiveness or glitching issues.
  4. Manual Task Assignment:

    • Manually assign Pals to tasks by picking them up and placing them at their designated workstations. This can help them get back on track if their AI pathfinding is causing problems.
  5. Feed Box Accessibility:

    • Ensure that Feed Boxes are placed in easily accessible locations. Pals may stop working properly if they can’t reach food easily, leading to hunger and stress issues.
  6. Relocate and Rebuild:

    • If problems persist, consider relocating problematic structures or even rebuilding parts of your base to improve the overall layout and pathing for the Pals.
  7. Monitor for Illness:

    • Check if the Pals are suffering from any illnesses or stress. Providing necessary medical care and de-stressing activities can help improve their performance and reduce glitching.
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These steps should help mitigate most issues related to Pals glitching at your base in Palworld. Regularly updating the game can also bring fixes from developers, addressing many of these bugs over time. For ongoing support, keeping an eye on community forums and patch notes is beneficial.

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