New World the Syndicate

New World Factions

At the core of the social side of New World are the three factions, organizations of like-minded players and non-player characters with their own motives and schemes for the island's future.

Within each faction, players can form or join groups called companies. Your faction choice will determine who you fight with and against in PvP and can confer benefits if your faction or company controls settlements and territories.

Joining a faction requires level 10 and completing the appropriate beginner quests which includes completing a mission from each faction. 

Faction Name Popularity Rank Description
The Marauders The Marauders 36% 2

The Marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength to do so can prosper and profit.

Living examples of the credo "might makes right," the Marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength and determination to stake a claim can do so.

The Syndicate The Syndicate 42% 1

The Syndicate is a secretive organization of boundless guile and intellect in search of forbidden knowledge to usher in a new age of enlightenment.

Working in the shadows and dealing with secrets, members of the Syndicate use their boundless guile and intellect in pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

The Covenant The Covenant 22% 3

The Covenant is a fanatical order that has charged itself with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers so that its true holy nature can flourish and justice can be restored.

Divine champions who are driven by conviction and their faith in the light of the Spark, the Covenant fights with righteousness and justice for the struggling souls of all living things.

Take the official New World Faction Quiz to help determine which faction to choose.

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Each faction has their own objectives and desires, they conflict with each other, and determine which Company you can join, to vie for your faction's control of Aeternum and each Territory within it. Each faction has their own unique style and gear appearance.

Note that faction cannot be changed once one is chosen. A player can only join companies in their faction and consequently can only participate in wars on the side of their faction.

The Syndicate Faction

New World The Syndicate

Your biggest weapon is your brain. You defy your enemies by studying them and identifying their weak spot. Others perceive you as secretive and mysterious and might even underestimate you, which you only use to your advantage.

In the Syndicate you will meet many other allies with a hunger for knowledge. Together you will explore the hidden secrets and mysteries of Aeternum.

The Syndicate Armor

New World provides a simple option for new players to equip their characters when upgrading their faction armor sets. At level 10, the player decides which faction to join, and unlocks the corresponding faction partner. After completing the related mission, the player accumulates currency and then can purchase the faction armor sets corresponding to its current level.

The faction armor levels that can be purchased:

  • Adept: level 15 to 24
  • Scrivener: level 25 to 39
  • Chronicler: level 40 to 54
  • Alchemist: level 55 to 60
The only decorative difference between faction armor sets is the color scheme used on the fabric corresponding to the specified faction. Players can purchase all available weapons in the game through faction associates, as well as a full set of light, medium, and heavy equipment, which can be mixed and matched.

Players can also purchase runes and seals from the associate, allowing them to change the attribute statistics specified on the equipment to obtain a more customizable equipment experience. This allows DPS, healers, and tanks to run light armor, medium armor, or heavy armor without sacrificing the required attribute points that contribute to overall DPS, healing, or survivability.

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