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Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris is a Atlas region located in the outside top right of the Atlas of Worlds. Atlas Passive Skill Tree allows players to increase specific types of drops, enemies, and map events within this region.

1. List of Lex Ejoris Atlas Passive Skills

Lex Ejoris ascendancy skills include: Incursion, Delirium, Perandus, and Metamorph.

Name Description Category League Standard Hardcore Standard SSF Hardcore SSF
Incursion Item Quantity
5% increased Quantity of Items dropped in Incursions in Areas          
Time and Again
Areas have 10% chance to grant an additional Alva Mission on Completion
Alva Missions in Areas grant 100% increased Favour
Notable Incursion 14.54% 10.84% 13.30% 11.88%
Vaal Oligarchs
Incursions in Areas contain a Vaal Flesh Merchant Notable Incursion 7.79% 4.93% 5.06% 3.96%
Time Dilation
Time gained from kills is Doubled for Incursions in Areas
Incursion Monsters in Areas are at least Magic
Notable Incursion 6.31% 3.36% 4.86% 3.26%
Cluster Jewel Chance
Delirium Monsters in Areas have 15% increased chance to drop Cluster Jewels          
Maps found in Areas have 5% chance to have layers of Delirium Notable Delirium 61.99% 42.17% 52.78% 44.71%
Compulsive Hoarder
Delirium Encounters in Areas have 10% chance to generate three additional Reward types Notable Delirium 33.35% 13.03% 21.41% 12.93%
Persecutory Delusion
Delirium Encounters in Areas are 100% more likely to spawn Unique Bosses
Delirium Bosses in Areas drop 100% increased Simulacrum Splinters
Delirium Bosses in Areas have 100% increased chance to drop Unique Cluster Jewels
Notable Delirium 34.50% 11.04% 21.41% 7.67%
Metamorph Chance
Areas have +3% chance to contain a Metamorph Encounter          
Escaped Experiment
Areas have 50% chance to contain a rogue Metamorph Notable Metamorph 15.67% 4.08% 8.25% 2.06%
Finest Samples
Metamorphs in Areas have 150% more Life
Metamorphs in Areas deal 15% more Damage
50% chance for Rewards from Metamorphs in Areas to be Doubled
Notable Metamorph 14.26% 2.62% 4.03% 1.05%
Extra Perandus Coin Chance
10% chance for Perandus Chests in Areas to drop double Perandus Coins          
Prospero's Promise
Areas contain an additional Perandus Chest
Areas have 20% chance to contain Cadiro Perandus
Notable Perandus 26.13% 32.74% 33.66% 30.83%
Friend of the Family
Cadiro Perandus offers the rarest of 3 chosen Items
Cadiro Perandus' Offers cost 20% less Perandus Coins
Notable Perandus 16.83% 16.84% 19.79% 14.10%

In Lex Ejoris, we have Delirium and Perandus taking up the entire top five spots. With Delirium, Pathological sees almost the same use as before, even though it was nerfed by 50%! Perandus has stayed quite similar to 3.13.0 values, while Metamorph has seen a small decrease, with Escaped Experiment seeing less use after being nerfed in 3.14.0. Metamorph continues to be fairly unpopular in Hardcore leagues and for good reason, they're dangerous! Incursion continues to see fairly low engagement in Lex Ejoris, though Time Dilation has become slightly more popular after being changed to cause Incursion monsters to be at least Magic Rarity.

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2. Lex Ejoris Maps

PoE 3.14 challenge: complete 150 Maps in Lex Ejoris region.

T Name Tier Boss
3 Forking River Map 3, 6, 10, 12, 14 Ormud, Fiend of the Flood
4 Olmec's Sanctum 4, 7, 11, 12, 15 Olmec, the All Stone
4 Arsenal Map 4, 7, 11, 12, 15 The Steel Soul
4 Primordial Pool Map 4, 7, 10, 12, 14 Nightmare's Omen
4 Bone Crypt Map 4, 7, 11, 12, 15 Xixic, High Necromancer
4 Crystal Ore Map 4, 7, 10, 12, 14 Lord of the Hollows
Messenger of the Hollows
Champion of the Hollows
5 Cells Map 5, 8, 11, 12, 15 Shavronne the Sickening
5 Waste Pool Map 5, 8, 12, 14, 16 Portentia, the Foul
5 Armoury Map 5, 8, 11, 13, 15 Warmonger
8 Alleyways Map , 8, 12, 13, 15 Calderus
9 Dungeon Map , 9, 12, 14, 16 Penitentiary Incarcerator
11 Conservatory Map , , 11, 13, 15 The Forgotten Soldier
12 Dig Map , , , 12, 14 Stalker of the Endless Dunes
14 Beach Map , , , 14, 16 Glace
14 Sepulchre Map , , , , 14 Doedre the Defiler
Doedre the Defiler
15 Bog Map , , , , 15 Skullbeak
16 Burial Chambers Map , , , , 16 Witch of the Cauldron

3. Maven: Lex Ejoris quest

Maven: Lex Ejoris

  1. The Maven wants to witness your attempt to defeat this map's boss encounter.
  2. The Maven has gifted you her Beacon. Take it to the Map Device.
  3. The Maven's Beacon appears to be compatible with the Map Device. Open the Map Device to attach it.
  4. Call the Maven to maps in {0} and complete them as she watches. You have defeated {1} out of {2}.
  5. The Maven has invited you to attempts a greater challenge. Use the Invitation in your Map Device to attempt it.
  6. Call the Maven to maps in {0} and complete them as she watches.
  7. The Maven has offered an Invitation to a challenge of her own creation. Attempt it by placing it in the Map Device.
  8. Enter the Maven's Crucible to attempt her challenge.
  9. Use the device to begin the Maven's challenge.
  10. Defeat all of the Maven's creations.
  11. Quest Complete - You have bested the Maven's challenges and been rewarded for doing so.

4. Related Items

5. PoE Challenges

Allocate ten passive skill points in each of the following Atlas Passive Trees: Lex Ejoris.

Allocate your Atlas passive skills very carefully in order to obtain the maximum value, because refunding skillpoints requires Orb of Unmaking Orb of Unmaking that can be expensive.

6. Lex Ejoris Changes 3.14

  • Small Perandus nodes now grant a 10% chance to drop twice as many Perandus Coins (previously 20% increased Stack size of Perandus Coins found in Areas).
  • Friend of the Family now causes Cadiro to offer the rarest of 3 options (previously 5).
  • Escaped Experiment now has a 50% chance for Areas to contain a Rogue Metamorph (previously 100%).
  • Finest Samples now causes Metamorphs in Areas to deal 15% more Damage (previously 50%). In addition, it now causes Metamorphs in Areas to have 150% more Life (previously 100%).
  • Time Dilation now causes Incursion Monsters in Areas to be at least Magic Rarity. Incursion Architects no longer drop an additional Rare Incursion Item.
  • Pathological now has a 5% chance to apply layers of Delirium to Maps found in Areas (previously 10%).
  • Compulsive Hoarder now has a 10% chance to cause Delirium encounters in Areas to generate three additional Reward types (previously 15%).

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