Legacy of the Ancients — Lost Ark

Legacy of the Ancients Main Quest

Zone Rewards Previous Quest In-game Description
  • 1 x Wisdom
  • 8,382 x XP
  • 315 x Roster XP
  • 252 x Silver
Legends and Fairytales I’ll follow Siera’s advice and talk to the Loghill stonemasons for clues to the stone tablet. Stonemason Arzhul might know something helpful, so I’ll look for him if I go to Loghill.


  1. Ask Loghill Stonemason Arzhul about the Ark
  2. Check the first relief carving in Loghill
  3. Check the second relief carving in Loghill
  4. Check the third relief carving in Loghill
  5. Check the fourth relief carving in Loghill
  6. Meet Guard Aln and find clues to the Stone Tablet of the Key

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