Is buying FFXIV Gil safe?

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The risk of buying Gil in FFXIV

If you’re totally serious, just ask questions on Google and click on almost any link. Most of them work and are “legal,” meaning that you will find someone sending you money in the game shortly after sending you cash.

However, buying FFXIV Gil will bring many problems to you and your server.

First, gold and silver farmers often don’t make money legally. See, grow out the cash they need to earn real profits need to run on each server in the game relatively large, with higher game profits. As a result, individuals who fund these Gil sellers by buying products encourage their behavior, including farm robots and programs that use spoofing servers, and allow them to manipulate dungeons instances to perform things like teleport or short-term invincibility. I can’t say for sure that’s what it is now, but about a year ago, the seller was using a team of five black wizards to run wanderer’s robot and use a sprayer to pass it through the gate and avoid most of the garbage trolls.

This method of earning Gil does not stimulate the economy, but will continue to add new Gil in the game, thus flooding the economy. Coupled with farmers who use robots to grow often overlooked and highly profitable hand-made materials, they may have a negative impact on the cost of goods in the market by driving competition for valuable goods (which in turn reduces prices) or by flooding the market. There are a lot of gils in the market, and then you will see inflation of all prices, which makes it difficult for honest participants to spend a lot of money, and these honest participants don’t spend a lot of time in the economy (such as myself) can’t afford it.

Second, take the risk of getting yourself into serious trouble. Square does not often ban accounts immediately after suspicious activity. Instead, they like to watch trends and track the movement of a large number of gils, especially through the mail system , they will tag the account or IP address of a known Gil vendor, and then they will monitor all roles associated with those accounts and all roles they interact with by adding them to the friends list, initiating transactions, or sending game emails.

Then, after a period of time and a large amount of activity, SE will not only prohibit the seller’s known accounts, but also all associated accounts, including any account suspected of purchasing Gil. In this case, that will mean you. If you can prove that there is a trend of doing a lot of Gil transactions by mail, then you may be able to escape, but I would be surprised if se bought it.

Next, you run the risk of anyone associated with you being hit. Although I don’t know that someone personally happened, se may be sure that you threw $150 million into FC’s estate, which will be deleted because it was purchased with illegal funds. Having your football club keep the plot and furniture after you have been banned will mean that your company is trying to profit from your illegal transactions, which honest players can no longer buy.

Any transaction you make in cash can (possibly) be voided. Now, I can’t imagine that they would make such a return to those individuals who have reached an agreement with you in good faith (for example, the one who sold the sword to you for $2.5 million), but anyone you gave cash to, any obviously overvalued market board purchase, land purchase You will understand.

I can go on, but I don’t want to bore you (or anyone else). The reality is that you have a chance to get rid of it just as you have a chance to get rid of five finger discount at Wal Mart. But like Wal Mart, se has a team of dedicated people to track this illegal activity. Unlike Wal Mart, everything you do is recorded on their servers and accessed anytime, anywhere, so they have all the tools they need to thoroughly investigate any suspicious activity in your account. You have accepted their EULA, which includes (among others) an agreement that you may not participate in the Gil of RMT or services related to the account with non se parties.

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