PoE Helmet Haunted Modifiers

List of PoE Helmet Haunted Modifiers

Name Groups Level Stats Tags Spawn Weighting
Haunted IncreasedMana 68 +1 to maximum Mana per 2 Intelligence resource, necropolis_exclusive_mod, mana necropolis_helmet 100
Haunted IncreasedMaximumPowerCharges 16 +1 to Maximum Power Charges power_charge, necropolis_exclusive_mod necropolis_helmet 250
Haunted SpellDamage 1 (20-30)% increased Spell Damage caster_damage, necropolis_exclusive_mod, damage, caster necropolis_helmet 750
Haunted WarcriesOpenChests 24 Your Warcries open Chests necropolis_exclusive_mod necropolis_helmet 250
of Haunting ArcaneSurgeOnSpendingMana 34 Gain Arcane Surge after Spending a total of 400 Mana resource, necropolis_exclusive_mod, mana necropolis_helmet 250
of Haunting AreaOfEffect 12 (15-25)% increased Area of Effect necropolis_exclusive_mod necropolis_helmet 750
of Haunting CriticalStrikeChanceIncrease 1 (30-50)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance necropolis_exclusive_mod, critical necropolis_helmet 500
of Haunting CurseEffectiveness 24 (5-8)% increased Effect of your Curses necropolis_exclusive_mod, caster, curse necropolis_helmet 250
of Haunting ImmunityToBlind 38 Cannot be Blinded necropolis_exclusive_mod necropolis_helmet 250
of Haunting IncreasedAccuracy 68 +2 to Accuracy Rating per 2 Dexterity necropolis_exclusive_mod, attack necropolis_helmet 100
of Haunting IncreasedCastSpeed 1 (8-12)% increased Cast Speed necropolis_exclusive_mod, caster, speed necropolis_helmet 500
of Haunting ManaRegeneration 1 (40-60)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate resource, necropolis_exclusive_mod, mana necropolis_helmet 750

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