Helldivers 2 Green Samples

Green Samples in Helldivers 2 are a common resource used to upgrade Stratagems (special abilities). They are relatively easy to acquire compared to rarer samples (Orange and Pink).

Here’s how to get Green Samples in Helldivers 2:

Completing Missions

  • Every mission awards a set amount of Green Samples upon completion. Higher difficulty missions tend to offer more Samples.

Eradicate Missions

  • This mission type is generally considered the most efficient way to farm Green Samples, especially on higher difficulty settings. Eradicate missions require eliminating all enemy forces on the map, rewarding a significant amount of Samples upon successful completion.

Focus on Efficiency

  • Regardless of the mission type, completing objectives quickly and extracting quickly will maximize the number of Green Samples you earn per hour.

Here are some additional details and tips on acquiring Green Samples:

  • Difficulty Matters: Green Samples become more common on missions with higher difficulty ratings (Easy and above). However, balance this with your skill level to ensure successful mission completion.
  • Specific Mission Types: While Eradicate missions are great for farming, other mission types like "Extermination" or "Defense" can also yield Green Samples, so explore what works for you.
  • Sample Locations: While Samples are not guaranteed to appear in the same spots every mission, some players create online guides highlighting common Green Sample locations on various maps. Try searching online for "[Helldivers 2 Green Sample locations]" to see if there are any resources available.

Remember, acquiring Green Samples is a natural part of playing Helldivers 2. As you progress through the game and complete missions, you will naturally accumulate a stockpile. Focus on enjoying the core gameplay and don’t feel pressured to just farm Samples.

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