Helldivers 2 Requisition Slips Farm

Here are two efficient methods to farm Requisition Slips in Helldivers 2:

Eradicate Missions on High Difficulty

  • This is the most popular method as it offers the highest potential rewards for your time invested.
  • Focus on "Eradicate" mission types on the highest difficulty you can comfortably handle (ideally Helldive difficulty).
  • These missions involve eliminating all enemy forces on the map.
  • Utilize strong AOE (Area of Effect) weapons and deployables to clear enemies efficiently. Popular choices include:
    • Mortar Sentries: These automated mortars can lay down a constant stream of fire, making them excellent for taking out large groups of enemies.
    • Jump Pack: While not directly offensive, it allows you to quickly reposition and reach high ground for better mortar placement.
  • Coordinate with teammates to optimize mortar placement and cover fire.
  • Once you eliminate all enemies, quickly call for extraction or head to the extraction zone to complete the mission and earn the rewards.

Playing the Market

  • This method requires some knowledge of the market and prices but can be lucrative if done right.
  • Look for missions with high enemy density and lootable containers. These may contain Requisition Slips in addition to other resources.
  • Quickly complete the primary objective and then focus on gathering resources, particularly Requisition Slips, from lootable containers.
  • Consider selling less-used resources (Green Samples) at the Marketplace to generate additional Credits.
  • Use those Credits to purchase Requisition Slips from other players who may be selling them at a lower price than the store.

Here are some additional tips for farming Requisition Slips:

  • Warbond and Daily Orders: Similar to medals, completing Warbond objectives and daily missions offers a steady stream of Requisition Slips as rewards.
  • Efficiency is Key: The faster you complete missions, the more Requisition Slips you can earn per hour.
  • Prioritize Teamwork: Playing with a well-coordinated team can significantly improve your efficiency and overall success in higher difficulty missions.

Remember, while farming can be a means to an end, Helldivers 2 offers a variety of missions and challenges. It’s important to find a balance between farming and enjoying the core gameplay loop.

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