Governor of Poker 3 Supreme Lucky Chest Odds

Governor of Poker 3 offers an exciting feature called Lucky Chests, which are limited edition items available for purchase in the in-game shop. These chests come in three distinct tiers: Lucky Chest, Super Lucky Chest, and Supreme Lucky Chest, each containing guaranteed prizes along with the chance to win an additional surprise. Here’s a detailed look at what each tier offers:

Lucky Chest

The Lucky Chest is the introductory tier of Lucky Chests. When you purchase a Lucky Chest, you are guaranteed to receive a special prize with the following probabilities for the surprise item:

  • 1x Diamond Ticket (97% chance)
  • 1x Multi Spin (2% chance)
  • 1x Multi XL Spin (1% chance)

The Lucky Chest is perfect for players looking to get started with exciting rewards at a modest investment.

Super Lucky Chest

Stepping up a tier, the Super Lucky Chest offers even more valuable surprises. Here’s what you might find inside:

  • 2x Diamond Tickets (60% chance)
  • 1x Diamond Balloon Key (30% chance)
  • 1x Multi Spin (8% chance)
  • 1x Multi XL Spin (2% chance)

The Super Lucky Chest provides a higher chance of obtaining more significant rewards, making it a great option for players seeking to enhance their game experience.

Supreme Lucky Chest

The top-tier option, the Supreme Lucky Chest, boasts the most prestigious rewards. Here are the possible surprises you could receive:

  • 2x Ruby Tickets (53% chance)
  • 2x Sapphire Tickets (42% chance)
  • 2x Multi Spin (3% chance)
  • 2x Multi XL Spin (2% chance)

The Supreme Lucky Chest is designed for players who want to maximize their rewards and experience the best that Governor of Poker 3 has to offer.

Each tier of Lucky Chest provides a thrilling opportunity to win valuable in-game items, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned player, these chests offer a chance to obtain exclusive and powerful rewards that can give you a significant advantage in your poker journey. Be sure to check out the shop and try your luck with these limited edition chests!

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