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What is the Blitz Event?

The Blitz Event in Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3) is a thrilling, limited-time event that challenges players to complete specific missions within a set time frame. As you accomplish each mission, you earn Blitz Points and progress towards various milestones. Reaching these milestones grants you increasingly valuable rewards, making the event both exciting and rewarding.

How Does the Blitz Event Work?

  1. Complete Missions: Engage in the designated missions to earn Blitz Points.

  2. Earn Blitz Points: Each completed mission adds Blitz Points to your total.

  3. Reach Milestones: Accumulate Blitz Points to reach different milestones, each offering better rewards than the last.

  4. Claim Rewards: Once you reach a milestone, claim your rewards. If you complete all milestones before the event ends, you can immediately claim the highest milestone rewards.

Tracking Your Progress

  • Blitz Progress Bar: Monitor your progress through the Blitz Progress Bar, which shows your current Blitz Points and the milestones you have achieved.
  • Time Frame: It’s crucial to complete the milestones within the specified time frame. If you don’t reach all milestones before the event ends, you will only receive rewards for the last milestone you completed.

Where Can You Play the Blitz Event?

The Blitz Event is hosted in various locations within the game. To find out where the event is active, look for the Blitz Badge next to the saloons. You can also access all Blitz Event missions and view your Blitz Progress Bar under the missions tab in the game.

Strategy Tips for the Blitz Event

  1. Prioritize Missions: Focus on missions that offer the most Blitz Points to maximize your progress quickly.

  2. Time Management: Keep an eye on the event timer and plan your gameplay to ensure you reach as many milestones as possible before the event ends.

  3. Efficient Play: Combine Blitz missions with your regular gameplay to make the most of your time and efforts.


The Blitz Event in Governor of Poker 3 adds an exhilarating dimension to the game, challenging players to complete missions and earn valuable rewards within a limited time. By participating in the event, you can enhance your poker experience, earn significant rewards, and test your skills under pressure. Look for the Blitz Badge, complete your missions, and climb the milestones to claim your prizes!

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