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What is the Bonus Card Event?

The Bonus Card Event is an exciting, limited-time feature in Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3) that enhances the thrill of playing at the poker tables. During this event, a special Bonus Card appears as one of the community cards on the table. If you manage to make the winning hand using the Bonus Card, you will be rewarded with extra Team Points, adding a strategic layer to your gameplay.

What Does the Bonus Card Look Like?

The Bonus Card is a regular playing card distinguished by its yellow color and bonus symbols. It stands out from the other community cards, making it easy to identify. Importantly, there will be only one Bonus Card per round, ensuring each round retains its unique excitement and challenge.

Where Can You Play the Bonus Card Event?

The Bonus Card Event is available across various game modes, ensuring all players have the opportunity to participate. You can enjoy this event in:

  • All Cash Games: Standard poker games where players bet with real chips.

  • Royal Poker Cash Games: A variant of poker using only cards from 10 to Ace, increasing the chances of high hands.

  • Push or Fold Saloons: High-stakes games where players must either go all-in or fold, adding to the intensity.

How to Identify Where the Bonus Card Event is Happening?

To participate in the Bonus Card Event, look for the Bonus Badge next to the Saloons. This badge indicates that the event is active in those particular game rooms. Keep an eye out for these badges to maximize your chances of earning extra Team Points.

Strategy Tips for the Bonus Card Event

  1. Focus on the Bonus Card: Prioritize hands that can utilize the Bonus Card to form a winning combination. This can significantly boost your Team Points.

  2. Adapt Your Play: Adjust your strategy based on the appearance of the Bonus Card. Sometimes it might be worth staying in a hand longer if the Bonus Card holds potential.

  3. Team Coordination: If playing in a team, communicate and strategize with your teammates to maximize the collective benefit from the Bonus Card.


The Bonus Card Event in Governor of Poker 3 offers an exciting twist to the traditional poker gameplay, providing players with an opportunity to earn extra Team Points and test their strategic skills. Whether you are playing Cash Games, Royal Poker, or Push or Fold Saloons, the Bonus Card Event adds a layer of excitement and strategy. Look for the Bonus Badge, join the event, and see if you can capitalize on the Bonus Card to boost your Team Points and enhance your poker experience!

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