Brute Force Solution Cobalt Jewel - Path of Exile

Brute Force Solution Cobalt Jewel

Brute Force Solution

Brute Force Solution is a unique Cobalt Jewel. Jewels. Radius: Large (1500).

  • +(16–24) to Intelligence
  • Strength from Passives in Radius is Transformed to Intelligence

Flavour Text: Picking a lock takes an immense amount of skill and practice. Breaking it with a hammer takes about three seconds.

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It is one of the Attribute conversion unique jewel.

Item acquisition

Brute Force Solution can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Brute Force Solution can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
2 The Unexpected Prize random attribute transforming Jewel
4 The Garish Power Random jewel
10 The Eye of the Dragon Random corrupted jewel
8 Arrogance of the Vaal Random two-implicit corrupted item
4 Jack in the Box Random item
1 Singular Incubator Random item
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange