Glancing Blows

Glancing Blows is a keystone passive skill. It grants you double chances to block both Attack and Spell damage. It only prevents 35% of the blocked hit’s damage.

  • Chance to Block Attack Damage is doubled
  • Chance to Block Spell Damage is doubled
  • You take 65% of Damage from Blocked Hits

Blocking is a means of preventing damage from enemy attacks by using a shield, staff or dual wielded weapons.

Other than taking damage from the hit, the mechanics of block are unchanged. A blocked hit still cannot apply on-hit effects, such as ailments or curses. The chance to play the block animation is based on the full damage of the hit.

Glancing Blows PoE

Chance to block

The chance to block is a random roll made per attack/cast; it is not entropy-based like evasion. Block has the following base stats

  • +15% Chance to Block Attack Damage while Dual Wielding
  • +75% to maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage
  • +75% to maximum Chance to Block Spell Damage

The base chance to block attacks is determined by which type of shield or staff is used. The maximum block chance cap applies to both attacks and spells. However, certain skill gems, unique items and Ascendancy class skills can raise or lower the maximum block chance.

Additional block chance can be gained from passive skills(e.g. Glancing Blows), items, and Tempest Shield Tempest Shield. Attack block and spell block chance are often granted separately with attack block being more common.

How do Glancing Blows interact with the Ritual boots which grant increased Block but let 20% damage through?

By default, you take 0% of the damage from blocked hits. Glancing Blows makes you take 65% of that damage. The Implicit modifier on Basemetal Treads, Darksteel Treads or Brimstone Treads makes you take 20% of the damage of blocked hits. If you have both, you'll take 85% of the damage of blocked hits.

For future reference, if it's ever possible to get more than 100% total of this stat, blocked hits will indeed cause more damage than unblocked hits. I'm excited to see someone make a build around that if and when it's possible.

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How to get Glancing Blows?

1. Passive Skill Tree

The keystone is located on the middle layer of the west part of the tree, between the Marauder and Templar starting areas.

Class Distance from start
Templar 8
Marauder 10
Scion 14
Witch 16
Duelist 19
Ranger 24
Shadow 24

2. Glancing Blows Uniques

These unique items have the Glancing Blows modifier, which provides the same effect as this keystone. Taking the keystone in addition to equipping one of these items will impart no additional benefit.

Item Base Item Lvl. Category Stats
Skin of the Lords Skin of the Lords Simple Robe 1 Body Armour Item has no level requirement and Energy Shield (Hidden)
Sockets cannot be modified
+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
100% increased Global Defences
You can only Socket Corrupted Gems in this item
Item has 6 Sockets and is fully linked (Hidden)

<Random Keystone>


Emperor’s Vigilance Emperor’s Vigilance Steel Kite Shield 46 Shield (16-22)% Chance to Block Spell Damage
(300-400)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
(10-15)% increased maximum Life
Cannot Block while you have no Energy Shield
Damage from Blocked Hits cannot bypass Energy Shield
Damage from Unblocked hits always bypasses Energy Shield
Glancing Blows

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