New World Aeternum

Aeternum is a haunted wilderness overran by The Corrupted, a mysterious island that was discovered during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. Called the “Eternal Isle” by some.

The Mystical Island of Aeternum Calls

For thousands of years the mysterious island of Aeternum has been the source of fantastical legends—and now you’ve found it. Shipwrecked, with no supplies or allies, you’ll need to make your way in a dangerous world where the fundamental laws of life and death don’t apply.

Magic flows through Aeternum. It brings life: miraculous healing, reanimation of the dead, and strange flora with magical properties. And it brings horror: the power to cause untold destruction and the slow wasting of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection.

In such a land, your destiny is whatever you make of it.

New World Aeternum Map

New World Aeternum Map

Building Aeternum

When we set out to create Aeternum, we envisioned a landscape of diversity and contrast. A vast environment where incredible natural beauty and supernatural impossibilities coexist. Concept art was used extensively to refine the tone and atmosphere we were striving to achieve, here are some examples of that early work.

New World Aeternum New World Aeternum
New World Aeternum New World Aeternum

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A Land Shaped By Magic

As you journey, you’ll find creatures, plants, stones, and other resources that have been altered by the magic of Aeternum. Most important is the precious Azoth, a strange blue substance that seems to be magic given form.

Fight The World

Wretched once-human creatures, twisted by centuries of death and revival, infest Aeternum—the Corrupted, the Ancient, and the Lost. They and the Angry Earth, strange beings that seem more plant than animal, each have their own plans for the island and its magic.

Relics Of The Past

Aeternum’s mysteries run as deep and dark as its history. Delve into the world and uncover the secret truth of the island and its millennia of strange inhabitants.

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