FFXIV Nosferatu

How to get Nosferatu minion in FFXIV

Nosferatu is a new minion in FFXIV Endwalker.

  • Source: Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle. It is a level 90 raid and unlocked by completing the quest: Who Wards the Warders.

FF14 Nosferatu Information

Name Description
Location Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle(It is a level 90 raid)
Behavior Independent
Tradeable No
Description Summon your nosferatu minion. Nothing if not gentlemanly…and perhaps bloodthirsty.
Journal Though understood to refer to vampires, the word “nosferatu” has an uncertain origin, and the same may be said of this bat-like creature. However, from the fact that it appears to be wearing a dinner suit and won’t drink your blood without permission, it is clearly a gentlemanly sort.
Tooltip Aren’t bats just the cutest little plague-bearers you ever did see?
– Bat Enthusiast
FFXIV Nosferatu

Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle

Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle

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