FFXIV Market Board Buy and Sell Gil Guide

Over the years, I have invested a lot of spare time in MMORPG. Every time I play it, there will be a very successful system, and players will generally like it. Now, MMO will never lack such a system – auction house. Although its name may be completely different from the one you normally use, it works the same way you expect it to. Without buying gil, farming FFXIV Gil yourself.

The Marketing Committee can be located in all three major cities in the game and is relatively easy to find, so I won’t study them specifically. Just open the little maps and you’ll see that they don’t have any problems.

Within the Marketing Committee, you will find many different ways to find items that may be specifically for your role. The main thing is the search bar. I’m sure you’ve got an idea of how it works, but just to reiterate – you go into the search bar, type in what you’re looking for, and in a second or two you’ll be treated as a list of a lot of items or equipment you’re searching for. Next to these items, you will find the price of each item; all from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Don’t worry about entering the Marketing Committee or what to look for, because you can enter many different search parameters to search from a different set of items, so you can check out the items you want. For example, if you just want to buy a new sword for your character, but you are still in the early stage of the game or don’t know what you are looking for, you can’t think of epic equipment. For this reason, you can use this function to select the category you want to search, or even don’t want it to rise to a higher level.

Are you no higher than level 20? Then, set the item level to a maximum of 20, and you won’t be bombarded by a pile of items that you can’t even equip; let alone affordable.

Obviously, marketing bureau is not a necessary function for players to get the best equipment in the game, but if you know what you are looking for, it will certainly prevent a lot of honing in the game from time to time.

This feature is particularly useful when you follow the build of your favorite character or class, because it allows you to find the exact project you need and build it accordingly; without having to hope and pray, because after hours of continuous grinding, you may be lucky to fall off.

Therefore, if you plan to play this game, it is recommended that you try the Marketing Committee at least once, so that you can understand the practicability of the system.

Buy or Sell FFXIV Gil in Market Board

In addition to purchasing and selling items at vendors, players can use the market board to trade as they please.

* You must hire a retainer before you can start listing items for sale on the market board.

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Accessing the Market Board

Market boards can be found in each city-state and residential district. Their position is indicated with an icon on the map.

* The items listed for sale are the same regardless of which market board you access.

Browsing the Market Board

To browse the market board, you must use the search functions to display the items. You may search by item name or by category.

Search Filters

The various search filters are especially useful when you wish to purchase items that can be equipped by a character of a certain level, class, or job.

Weapons and Tools
Select a category and item level and select Search.

Armor and Accessories
Select a category, job or class, and item level and select Search.

Partial Matches

The Partial Match option allows you to search for an item even when you only enter part of its name. To use this feature, check the Partial Match box, enter part of the item name into the text field, followed by the Enter key or the Search button.

Transaction History

Checking Prices

Players are free to set their own sale prices, so the cost of the items listed varies accordingly. When viewing an item in the market board, you can check the prices that players have paid for that particular item. This will help you decide a price when selling items.

Checking Transaction History
Choose an item

Search the market board and select the item you wish to view.

Select History

Select the History button above the item list to view the transaction history.

Check the previous transactions

The price, quantity, name of the buyer, and the date will be displayed.

Wish List

Using the Wish List

Items can be added to your wish list and then viewed without the need to search.
* Please be advised that all wish list data will be cleared when Worlds undergo maintenance.

Adding Items to Your Wish List
Search for an item

Access the market board and search for the desired item.

Select Add to Wish List

Right-click the item and select Add to Wish List from the subcommands.

Viewing Your Wish List
Open the wish list

Access the market board and select the Wish List button in the bottom-left of the menu.

Select an item

Selecting an item in the wish list will display those currently for sale on the market board.

* To remove an item from your wish list, select the item, open the subcommand menu and select Remove from Wish List.

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