FFXIV Keyboard & Mouse Controls

1. Mouse and Keyboard Controls

1.1 Character Movement

FFXIV Character Movement

You can move your character using either a keyboard or mouse.

  • When using a keyboard, press the WASD keys to move.
  • When using a mouse, press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time to move forward.
  • For mouse, to change direction while moving, keep both buttons pressed and drag the mouse left or right.


By clicking the mouse wheel, you can set your character to auto-run. Holding the right mouse button while dragging the mouse will change direction. Holding the left mouse button while dragging the mouse will move the camera.


To jump, press the spacebar on the keyboard. This can be used to leap over obstacles like small rocks or low fences.

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1.2 Camera Controls

FFXIV Camera Controls

Left Button

Only the camera view will rotate, and not your character.

Right Button

Your character faces the direction in which you rotate the camera.

1.3 Target Selection

FFXIV Target Selection

You can target a character, or an object such as a gate or aetheryte, by moving the mouse cursor over the intended target and clicking the left mouse button.

With a right click, you can perform one of several actions depending on the selected target.

Player Character: Select as a target (right click to open the subcommand menu)
NPC: Start a conversation
Enemy: Engage auto-attack
Object: Interact with the object

2. Mouse Controls

FFXIV Mouse Controls

2.1 Mouse Controls

Command Default Button
Click: Select Target
Drag: Rotate Camera
Left Button
Click: Perform Action Based on Target
Enemy = Auto-attack
NPC = Talk
Other Player = Open Commands Submenu
Right Button
Move Character Forward Left + Right Button
Zoom In/Out With Camera
Zoom In/Out on Map (When Map Displayed)
Scroll Mouse Wheel
Turn On/Off Auto-run Mouse Wheel Button

2.2 Mouse Menu Navigation

Command Default Button
Display Submenu
Drag Area Map (When Displayed)
Left Button
Zoom Map In/Out (When Displayed) Scroll Mouse Wheel
Map Link (When the map is open) Ctrl+Right-click

3. Keyboard Controls

The following is a list of default key bindings. To change key bindings, press NUM-, or click System in the main menu, then select Keybind and choose the appropriate category from the top of the menu.

FFXIV Keyboard Controls

* When using the WASD keys to move your character, you can select Standard Type for a character-based view, or Legacy Type for a camera-based view.
* Using a gamepad will enable direct chat by default, resulting in keystrokes registering in the log window automatically.

Direct chat must be disabled in order to use commands with the keyboard.
This setting can be changed in the General tab of the Character Configuration menu.

3.1 Movement

Command Default Key
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Strafe Left Q
Strafe Right E
Toggle Between Run/Walk NUM/
Turn On/Off Auto-run R
Jump Spacebar

3.2 Camera

Command Default Key
Point Camera Up
Point Camera Down
Point Camera Right
Point Camera Left
Zoom Camera In Page Up
Zoom Camera Out Page Down
Toggle Between 1st/3rd Person Mode Home
Return Camera to Saved Position End
Save Current Camera Position Ctrl+End
Return Camera to Default Position Ctrl+Shift+End
Flip Camera V
Lock Camera On Target NUM5
Tilt Camera Up Ctrl+↑
Tilt Camera Down Ctrl+↓
Face Camera Pause

3.3 Targeting

Command Default Key
Cycle Through Enemies (Nearest to Farthest) Tab
Cycle Through Enemies (Farthest to Nearest) Shift+Tab
Face Target F
Target Self F1
Target Members in Party List F2 – F8
Target Pet/Familiar F9
Target the Target of Your Current Target T
Target Focus Target F10
Target Nearest Enemy F11
Target Nearest NPC or Object F12
Set/Clear Focus Target Shift+F
Cycle Up Through Enmity List Ctrl+NUM8
Cycle Down Through Enmity List Ctrl+NUM2
Cycle Through Alliance List (Forward) Ctrl+NUM6
Cycle Through Alliance List (Backward) Ctrl+NUM4

3.4 Chat

Command Default Key
Ready Chat Prompt Enter
Ready Text Command /
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Say Alt+S
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Shout Alt+H
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Party Alt+P
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Yell Alt+Y
Reply (Repeat to Cycle Through PCs) Alt+R
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Free Company Alt+F
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to PvP Team Alt+T
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Cross-world Linkshell Alt+C
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Linkshell (Cycle Forward) Alt+L
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Linkshell (Cycle Back) Alt+Shift+L
Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Alliance Alt+A

3.5 Other

Command Default Key
Confirm NUM0
Cancel NUM.
Display Submenu NUM*
Move Cursor Up/Cycle Up Through Party List NUM8
Move Cursor Down/Cycle Down Through Party List NUM2
Move Cursor/Target Cursor Left NUM4
Move Cursor/Target Cursor Right NUM6
Cycle Through HUD Components NUM1
Select the Main Menu NUM+
Draw/Sheathe Weapon
* While Mounted: Dismount
Character C
Currency Ctrl+C
Free Company :
Linkshells L
Inventory I
Armoury Chest Ctrl+I
Map M
Signs Shift+M
Waymarks Ctrl+M
Actions and Traits P
Social O
Duty Finder U
Timers Ctrl+U
Journal J
Character Configuration K
System Configuration Ctrl+K
Target Filter X *
Crafting Log N
Gathering Log B
Hunting Log H
Fishing Log Y
Fish Guide Ctrl+Y
Emote List (No Default Assignment)
Cycle Through UI Component Tabs (Forward/Back) NUM9/NUM7
Toggle UI Display Mode Scroll Lock
Take Screenshot Print Screen
Change Window Size Ctrl+Home
Close UI Component/Open System Menu Esc

* When pressed, the target filter will render players, NPCs, enemies, or objects untargetable according to your settings. Although disabled by default, it can be enabled by checking the box for “Enable target cycling” on the Filters tab under Control Settings in the Character Configuration menu.

3.6 Movement While Riding a Flying Mount or Diving

Command Default Key
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Strafe Left Q
Strafe Right E
* While Grounded: Jump
* While Grounded: Jump
* Available only when flying.
* While Grounded: Draw/Sheathe Weapon
* Available only when swimming.

* You will be able to ride a flying mount after making a certain amount of progress in-game.
* You will be able to dive after making a certain amount of progress in-game.
* Registration of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood is required to unlock diving.

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