Engraved Ultimatum PoE

Engraved Ultimatum

Engraved Ultimatum is a map base type.

The Tower of Ordeals Engraved Ultimatum

The Tower of Ordeals The Tower of Ordeals is a unique Engraved Ultimatum. Map Tier: 16.

In this map, you may challenge the Trialmaster and potentially earn unique items from the Ultimatum league. You can create this map by completing endgame Vaal content.

  • Choking Miasma
  • Razor Dance
  • Limited Flasks
  • Ailment and Curse Reflection
  • Treacherous Auras

List of Ultimatum Trials of Chaos Modifiers.

Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.

Flavour text: On the outskirts of Utzaal, at the Temple of Chaos, the Trialmaster awaits your challenge.

GGG has not forgotten about the rest of Ultimatum and have a specific plan for how it will return in the future.

The Tower of Ordeals PoE

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