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Enervation Guide

Enervation is a debuff that is granted from standing in the zones that Olroth occasionally creates. During the final phase of the fight, there will always be one of these zones. Enervation lasts a couple of seconds after you leave the arena so as long as you pop into the zone just before you kill the boss you will get this conditional.

Icon Description
Enervation PoE You have less Movement Speed, and cannot Recover Life or Energy Shield

Defeat Olroth, Origin of the Fall while affected by Enervation

Olroth shouts “Wasteland” and strikes his sword down at your location. This will spawn a pool of lightning that will periodically pulse. If you are standing in it when it pulses, you will gain a stack of Enervation that will last a few seconds. I suggest you bring him into culling range and kill him when you have it. Note: It does a lot of damage so it might kill you in one hit. Also, Dannig will be attacking the boss so he might kill the boss if you are using the culling method.

Olroth Conditional #4 (Enervation debuff)

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