PoE Alchemist’s Genius

Alchemist's Genius

Alchemist’s Genius increases Flask Charges gained and effect of Flasks by 20%, for 4 seconds. It is obtained from the notable passive: Spiked Concoction.

Icon Buff Notable Search related Items
PoE Alchemist'S Genius Flasks have increased effect on you, and you gain an increased number of Flask Charges.

Spiked Concoction

5% increased Attack and Cast Speed during any Flask Effect
Gain Alchemist’s Genius when you use a Flask
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Spiked Concoction

Spiked Concoction is a notable passive skill. You can search these items from Path of Exile Trade.

  • Stat Filters: 1 Added Passive Skill is Spiked Concoction

The notables grants the player character a buff called Alchemist’s Genius , which is the only known source for this buff.

Spiked Concoction PoE

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