Untainted Paradise Tropical Island Map - Path of Exile

Untainted Paradise Tropical Island Map

Untainted Paradise

Untainted Paradise is a unique Tropical Island Map. Maps.

  • (300–400)% increased Experience gain
  • Area has increased monster variety
  • Area is inhabited by wild Animals
  • Monsters drop no items

Flavour Text: For this beauty, beauty without strength, chokes out life.

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It is only accessible as a master mission of Commander Kirac.

Untainted Paradise is not part of the Atlas of Worlds. There is no bonus objective for this map.


This map contains an island inhabited only by animal type monsters. This includes Rhoas, Monkeys, Chimerals, gargantuans, along with other animal type monsters. This map has the condition that no items are dropped by monsters, however there is a greatly increased amount of experience gained.



Name Type Properties
Aboriginal Chieftain Ape Chieftain Extra Life, Summons Apes from Trees, Frenzies Allies, Resists Fire
Ancient Devourer Devourer Extra Life, Resists Cold
Beastial Maw Maw Extra Life, Leaps, Resists Lightning
Fossil Eater Spitter Extra Life, Resists Lightning
Primal Beast Gargantuan Extra Life
Primitive Ape Ape Extra Life, Resists Fire
Primordial Rhoa Rhoa Extra Life, Charges, Resists Cold
Wild Chimeral Chimeral Extra Life, Suppressing Fire, Resists Fire, Resists Cold


Untainted Paradise has 6 bosses together in a cave at the centre of the island. They have no additional abilities above their base type, including the "Extra Life" property shared by all inhabitants of the map.

Name Type
Clutch Queen Wild Chimeral
Colossal Spitter Fossil Eater
Elder Devourer Devourer
Great Maw Fetid Maw
Prime Ape Aboriginal Chieftain
The First Rhoa Primordial Rhoa

Item acquisition

Untainted Paradise is drop disabled.

This map cannot be dropped as an itemized unique map. It always offered by Kirac in hideout as part of the master mission.

Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

No items include this area in their drop restrictions. The map mod Monsters drop no items prevent the monster to drop anything. The map does not have any loot container either. The main purpose of this map is receiving a huge amount of xp for the character and gems.


The flavour text is a quote from American poet Hilda Doolittle's poem Sheltered Garden.