Divergent Ancestral Cry

1. Divergent Ancestral Cry

Ancestral Cry Divergent Ancestral Cry is an Alternate Quality gem of Ancestral Cry Ancestral Cry.

Per 1% Quality: Buff grants 1% increased Armour

Performs a warcry, taunting all nearby enemies to attack the user and exerting subsequent strike attacks. Grants a buff which gives you bonus armour and melee range.

It requires Level 16. Tag: Warcry, AoE, Duration

  • Base duration is (4–4.9) seconds
  • Exerts the next 8 Melee Strike Attacks you perform
  • Buff grants +2 Melee Strike Range per 5 Power, up to a maximum of +6
  • Exerted Strikes target 2 additional Enemies
  • Buff grants +(28–257) to Armour per 5 Power, up to a maximum of +(170–1540)
  • (0–38)% increased Warcry Speed
  • Counts total Power of Enemies in Range
Divergent Ancestral Cry PoE

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2. Divergent Ancestral Cry Alternate Quality

Alternate Quality Gem Name Quality Stats Weight
Ancestral Cry (0–10)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate 50
Anomalous Ancestral Cry (0–40)% increased Warcry Speed 100
Divergent Ancestral Cry Buff grants (0–20)% increased Armour 100

Prime Regrading Lens Prime Regrading Lens currency changes the type of quality of a Divergent Ancestral Cry skill gem to another random quality.

3. How to get Divergent Ancestral Cry?

It can be dropped in the following Heist Blueprints:

Name Heist Target Area Level
 Blueprint: Tunnels Blueprint: Tunnels Unusual Gems 34 – 83
 Blueprint: Repository Blueprint: Repository Unusual Gems 35 – 83

Unusual Gems are Alternate Quality Gems. A gem can have up to three alternate quality: Anomalous, Divergent, Phantasmal.

The target item, inside a Curio Display, will be a selection of Unusual Gems. You can only take one before Lockdown begins.

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