Potion of Life — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Potion of Life

Potion of Life is a Quest Item for The Golden Bird quest. It can be obtained at Kurast Docks by giving Alkor The Golden Bird.

It permanently adds 20 Life when used.

Quest: The Golden Bird The Golden Bird is the first quest of Act III. It isn’t assigned by any NPC. Instead, it is initiated after the player kills the first random Unique Monsters in the Spider Forest just outside the Kurast Docks. The Unique monster will drop a unique item, a Jade Figurine, that the player needs to take back to the Kurast Docks. The quest is completed upon talking to Alkor, where the player will receive a Potion of Life.
Location: Kurast Docks Given by Alkor in exchange for The Golden Bird (Item).
Diablo 2 Potion of Life

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Kurast Docks

Kurast Docks is part of Kurast City. Kurast Docks is the town level and it's where the player starts Act 3. The access to the Spider Forest can be found in Kurast Docks.


Alkor is an NPC from Diablo II, Act III. He is an Alchemist, similar to Lysander in personality and wares. He has an Indian accent. Alkor’s shop is at the top of the map, where he sells various potions. He is also very fond of necromancers. Apparently, he has a number of odd potions, claiming that Asheara is a good customer as she buys a “potion of manliness” every week from him.

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