D2R Temper Runeword

D2R Temper Rune Word Patch 2.6

New Rune Word Rune Order Allowed Items Character Level Required Final Stats

Shael + lo + Ral



  • +20% Faster Hit Recovery
  • +75-100% Enhanced Defense
  • +10 to Vitality
  • Increase Maximum Life 5%
  • Fire Resist +40-60%
  • Fire Absorb +10-15%

The Bulwark, Cure, Ground, Hearth, and Temper Rune Words are being added to equip players with additional tools to boost specific resistance types as desired following the release of Sundering Charms.

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+20% Faster Hit Recovery

Faster Hit Recovery (FHR) is a coefficient that increases the speed of recovery from being stunned. A character gets stunned when a monster successfully damages him/her more than the stun threshold allows.

+75-100% Enhanced Defense

Enhanced Defense is an armor attribute that increases the defense value of the armor by a percentage, as opposed to plus defense which adds a strict number to the defense count.

+10 to Vitality

While Vitality can be increased through magical items, it is still under the responsibilities of the class to determine Life gains per point.

Increase Maximum Life 5%

Life (also often referred to as Health, or Hit Points) represents the maximum amount of damage that a player character or monster will be able to withstand. Taking damage causes the Life Points to decrease (when all forms of protection are bypassed). When Life reaches 0, the player character (or monster) dies.

Maximum Life is affected by some certain item properties (+Life) and by Vitality. Replenishing lost Life is generally referred to as Healing.

Fire Resist +40-60%

Fire Resist modifies fire damage by a percentage, after Magic Damage Reduced has been applied; FR -100% is the floor, while FR > 99% makes a unit Immune to Fire.

  • Player and mercenary normally have a ceiling of FR 75%, but this can be increased to FR 95% by applying +% Maximum Fire Resist (although any excess can offset penalties that might otherwise reduce it below this ceiling). Difficulty level penalties of FR -40% in Nightmare and FR -100% in Hell (-20% and -50% respectively in Classic games) also apply to them.
  • Fire damage tends to be less damaging than lightning but it is much more consistent, so resistance tends to be important.

Fire Absorb +10-15%

Fire Absorb decreases any fire damage then heals life equivalent to that damage decrease, after fire resistance has been applied.

  1. Damage equivalent to % FA is subtracted from fire damage remaining after FR.
  2. Damage equivalent to FA is subtracted from fire damage remaining after % FA.
  3. Healing equivalent to total fire damage absorbed is applied.
  4. Fire damage remaining after total absorbed is applied.
  • The net result depends on current life at time of healing: actual healing = min(maximum life - current life , total fire damage absorbed), so maximum healing only occurs when current life ≤ maximum life - total fire damage absorbed.
  • There is a ceiling of 40% FA, so there can never be a net life gain from % FA. Thus it performs a similar function to FR, so when current life ≤ maximum life - total fire damage absorbed, effective percentage damage decrease as a result of FR and % FA is as follows:
    Percentage damage decrease = FR + (100-FR * FA/50)

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