D2R Bulwark Runeword

D2R Bulwark Rune Word Patch 2.6

Bulwark is a D2R 2.6 Runeword. Level Requirement: 35. Item Type: Helmet.

Rune: Shael + lo + Sol.

  • +20% Faster Hit Recovery
  • +4-6% Life stolen per hit
  • +75-100% Enhanced Defense
  • +10 to Vitality
  • Increase Maximum Life 5%
  • Replenish Life +30
  • Damage Reduced by 7
  • Physical Damage Received Reduced by 10-15%
  • Socketed (3)
D2R Bulwark Runeword

The Bulwark, Cure, Ground, Hearth, and Temper Rune Words are being added to equip players with additional tools to boost specific resistance types as desired following the release of Sundering Charms.

Warning, this runeword is not active yet, do not attempt to create it. This runeword will be available on ladder season 3 start.

Bulwark is a ladder-only Diablo 2 Resurrected runeword created by combining shael + io + sol into a 3 socket helm. It requires at least level 35 to equip.

Bulwark increases your Hit Recovery Speed by 20%. Faster hit recovery reduces the “hit stun” animation time, which is triggered when a hit takes more than 1/12th of your total life.

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