PoE Gravicius Veiled Modifier

Gravicius Veiled Modifier

PoE 3.19 Changes

The Gravicius Veiled Modifier on body armour that grants a percentage of your maximum life as energy shield adds a huge amount of survivability to many builds for the low investment of a single bench-crafted modifier. Granting energy shield to life-based builds was often not valuable in the past as those builds would not have a sensible way to recover energy shield in combat, but the recent addition of Ghost Dance and Divine Shield, among other changes, have made obtaining a relatively small amount of energy shield on a life-based build very valuable. The Gravicius modifier trivialises this.

Rework the Gravicius’ Veiled Modifier to instead grant a percentage of Physical Damage taken as Fire and Lightning Damage.

  • The Gravicius’ Veiled modifier on Body Armours that grants 12–14% of your maximum Life as Energy Shield has been replaced by a modifier that grants a 8–9% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage, and 8–9% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage. Crafting bench versions of the modifier provide values of 3–4% and 5–6%. Existing items are unaffected by these changes.

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