D2R Aegis Shield

Aegis Shield

Aegis Shield is an Elite Shield in D2R. Aegis can be equipped by All Classes. Shields can be used to block incoming attacks based on your Dexterity. Depending on their rarity, Shields can have random or unique modifiers that greatly increase the player capabilities.

Aegis Shield Stats:

  • Min/Max Defense: 145-161
  • Lvl Requirement: 59
  • Strength Requirement.: 219
  • % Block: [24] Pal: 54% Ama/Asn/Bar: 49% Dru/Nec/Sor: 44%
  • Durability: 92
  • Sockets: 4
  • Paladin Smite Damage 18 to 28
  • Type: Heavy
  • Quality Level: 79


  • There is very little reason to use it: it has lower average defense and much higher strength requirements than the Ward, not to mention a higher penalty to movement speed.
  • Shields can block incoming attacks depending on your Dexterity attribute.
  • Wielding a shield increases your character’s defensive rating.
  • Only Barbarians may wield both a shield and a two-handed weapon.

D2R Aegis Shield

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