D2R Patch 2.3 Release Date Notes

D2R 2.3 Release Date & Patch Notes

The release date of D2R Patch 2.3 is early December. The basic goal is to modernize the art and visuals of the original Diablo II experience. Also make the gameplay more accessible.

  1. Offline Difficulty Scale to Player 8
  2. Keyboard And Mouse Quick Cast & Active Skill Bindings Options
  3. UI Visual Improvements
  4. Gameplay Improvements
  5. Audio Improvements
  6. Graphical Improvements
  7. Many bug fixes and other improvements.

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Offline Difficulty Scale to Player 8

Available for PC and console platforms. Solo offline players can scale the game difficulty by up to eight players. Meanwhile, there will be more rewards.

To use this feature, players simply need to open their settings menu, go to the “Game Settings” tab, then “Offline,” and adjust the “Offline Difficulty Scaling” slider.

D2R Offline Difficulty Scaling

Once that setting has been configured, new monsters will spawn with varying HP and reward players with vastly increased experience gains and loot drop rates when defeated.

As in Diablo II Classic, you’ll have to start a new game session to set your preferred difficulty with the slider.

Keyboard And Mouse Quick Cast & Active Skill Bindings Options

Players can now opt to use the Active Skill Bindings bar. This will show an additional bar above the standard HUD at the bottom of the screen. Players can map up to 16 skills (although the tooltip suggests F1–F8) to that additional bar. Furthermore, if the Quick Cast Skills option is active, pressing these buttons will instantly use the abilities rather than just re-map the right or left mouse buttons.

Players will be empowered to enable the “Quick Cast Skills” option to action bound skills to their current mouse’s location, as well as enable “Display Active Skill Bindings” to display the currently bound skills bar on their screen HUD.

UI Visual Improvements

A handful of visual tweaks have been made to improve the front-end user interface. An indicator has been added to exemplify what players are muted or ignored.

D2R UI Visual Improvements

Additionally, the character’s level and expansion type will now be revealed on the lobby screen. Also made improvements to changing the target channel when sending a chat message, so it’s clearer and more straightforward. Lastly, players will now be able to see the real ID names of Battle.net real ID friends on their friends list.

Gameplay Improvements

On the gameplay front, added the “miss” text indicator to Player vs. Player combat. So, players who enable miss text in their options will now be able to see when their character’s attacks miss their opponents in PvE and PvP.

D2R Gameplay Improvements

Throw can once again be bound to a key even if the player has nothing to throw. Additionally, a new key bind called “Force Move” has been added. When used, the player’s character will automatically navigate to the current mouse location.

Audio Improvements

Players using a controller on PC or console will now hear audio cues when navigating through potential selections on the Options menu. Beyond that, players will also be able to hear audio cues when auto-filling potions to their character’s belt.

Graphical Improvements

For players on PC with Nvidia graphic cards compatible with Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, those players will now be able to enable DLSS in the graphics setting menu, to increase graphics quality and resolution while maintaining higher GPU performance.

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