Crusher of Gladiators - Path of Exile

Monster Changes 3.14

The Bull Thorns skill used by Lieutenant of Rage in The Labyrinth and the Crusher of Gladiators in the Racecourse Map has been visually updated and no longer has Damage Reflection.

Crusher of Gladiators

Crusher of Gladiators is a boss in the Racecourse Map(map level: 75).

Racecourse Map (Atlas of Worlds)

Racecourse Map consists of two long stadiums. Contains armor racks, weapon racks and gates that release Shackled Hellions.

Boss Arena: Large gladiator arena, similar to those in Act 4, with fountains and carts in the middle. Bosses wait on the far side and seal the entrance when engaged.


This map has 3 bosses standing together.

  • Shredder of Gladiators, unique Shackled Hellion. Maims on hit (slows movement) and leaves large burning ground when killed.
  • Crusher of Gladiators, unique Fighting Bull. Charges, casts delayed physical explosion on itself (yellow glow) and reflects damages (yellow spikes).
  • Bringer of Blood, unique Mad Gladiator. Uses Puncture Puncture.

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