PoE Anathema Moonstone Ring

Anathema Moonstone Ring


Anathema is a unique Moonstone Ring. Rings.

Requires Level 49.

  • +(15–25) to maximum Energy Shield

  • +(30–40) to Intelligence
  • (10–15)% increased Cast Speed
  • (10–20)% chance to gain a Power Charge when you Cast a Curse Spell
  • Your Curse Limit is equal to your maximum Power Charges

Flavour Text: Enraged by the incompetence of mortals The demon-lord opens a gateway Unleashing a litany of pain upon the world.

How to get it?

Anathema has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

Drops in the Forbidden Sanctum.

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This new ring lets you scale your curse limit in a completely different way, by tying it to your power charge count. Or you can simply not scale it and put this on to apply 3 curses!

your curse limit is equal to your maximum power charges

By default, one curse can be active at a time on a creature. While a curse is active, applying a different curse will expire the oldest curse.

Maximum power charges: By default, characters can accumulate a maximum of three charges of each type. This limit can be raised or lowered with certain passive skills and equipment. If the character would gain a charge while already at the limit for that type of charge, no additional charge will be gained; however, the duration of all charges of that type will still be reset.

200% increased Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge.

Curse-Related Uniques 3.20

GGG has buffed a bunch of Hex-related unique items and have reworked unique items that previously interacted with Doom such as the Fated End unique ring. GGG has also added some powerful new unique items that interact with Hexes.

PoE Anathema Moonstone Ring


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