36 Map Strongboxes Prophecy – Monstrous Treasure PoE

Monstrous Treasure Monstrous Treasure is a prophecy.

  • You will travel to a map where the monsters lie in wait, open the boxes they guard, and slay them all.


Go to a map area. The area contain 36 strongboxes where all non fixed-placed monsters are packed into.

Note: This prophecy stacks with Zana’s ambush mod.

Buy PoE Currency Cheap

Monstrous Treasure

Price: ~ 25 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb


  • Area contains 36 strongboxes.
  • Only available in map.
  • All non fixed-placed monsters are packed into a strongbox.
  • Able to stack with other sources of strongboxes (Ex. Zana’s ambush mod, Ambush Scarabs, Bountiful Traps Bountiful Traps).

Monstrous Treasure Divination Card

The Valley of Steel Boxes is a divination card. A set of nine can be exchanged for Monstrous Treasure Monstrous Treasure.

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