Defeat Omnitect in Temple of Atzoatl

The Vaal Omnitect

The Vaal Omnitect is the final boss of The Temple of Atzoatl.

  • Apex of Atzoatl is the boss room of The Temple of Atzoatl, which always contains The Vaal Omnitect.

Defeat Omnitect in Temple of Atzoatl PoE

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The Vaal Omnitect has several different skills. Each of its four heads attack autonomously.

  • Laser blast – Marks several spots on the ground with a red laser, which all detonate afterwards.
  • Lightning beam – Channels multiple lasers that deal lightning damage in small areas.
  • Explosive flare – Fires balls of fire that explode and split into smaller fire projectiles in a nova.
  • Summon Phantasms – Fires a ball that spawn into Phantasms, which chase the player and detonate for lightning damage on contact.
  • Thrusters – Standing too close to the Omnitect deals constant damage, ramping up the longer you stand in it.

At ~75% and 25% health, it will charge up and use one of two attacks while also gaining damage reduction for the attack.

  • Flamethrowers – Spews four perpendicular rows of fire. Touching it deals large amounts of fire damage periodically. The Omnitect will move around and rotate occasionally.
  • Lightning wave – Launches multiple slow, thin rows of lightning in all directions. They deal heavy lightning damage on contact and must be maneuvered around. The wave also apply a special version of Lightning Exposure.

At 50%, the Omintect goes invincible, drops down at the center of the stage and spawns Energised Phantasms at the corners of the arena that move towards the Omnitect, restoring its Energy Shield if they touch it. These can be killed and provides flask charges.

The Vaal Omnitect can be augmented by upgrading specific incursion rooms :

  • Lightning Workshop / Omnitect Reactor Plant / Conduit of Lightning : Augments the Omnitect with lightning. Lightning Defenses in walls are activated, sending lightning balls across the stage periodically.
  • Flame Workshop / Omnitect Forge / Crucible of Flame : Augments the Omnitect with fire. Flame Turrets in the corners are activated, spewing fire periodically.
  • Hatchery / Automaton Lab / Hybridisation Chamber : Augments the Omnitect with minions. Adds two Omnitect’s Guards to the fight during the Energised Phantasm stage.
  • Workshop / Engineering Department / Factory: Increases the life of the Omnitect. Gives 15/25/35% increased Life to the Omnitect.

Incursion Atlas Passives

Atlas Region Name Stats Category
Glennach Cairns Glennach Cairns Alva Favour and Incursion Mission Chance
Areas have 3% chance to grant an additional Alva Mission on Completion
Alva Missions in Areas grant 30% increased Favour
Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris Incursion Item Quantity
5% increased Quantity of Items dropped in Incursions in Areas
Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris Vaal Oligarchs
Incursions in Areas contain a Vaal Flesh Merchant Notable
Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris Time Dilation
Time gained from kills is Doubled for Incursions in Areas
Incursion Monsters in Areas are at least Magic

Defeat Omnitect in Temple of Atzoatl Strategy

  1. First complete 12 incursions by talking to Alva within the acts or in maps. Then talk to her to view the temple layout.
  2. Click the Open Temple button to spawn 6 portals to the temple around your Map Device. Enter any portal.
  3. Run north to the entrance, and navigate north-west (up-left) to reach the boss room. The image depicts an open door that can be passed through.These are doors that you unlocked using the Stone of Passage during previous incursions.
  4. At some point you may come across a container that holds a Flashpowder Keg.This keg is very valuable and must be saved to open a blocked passage to the boss room (if it is blocked). Do not use it on mundate blocked doors as you may get only 1 in an entire temple, if any.
  5. At some point you may come across blocked doors. These are passages that you did not manage to open using the Stone of Passage.Just backtrack, and find another way to reach the room.
  6. As you can see in this map, the only passage leading to the boss arena is blocked and thus we have to blast our way through.
  7. You can now use the Flashpowder Keg to blast our way through and enter the boss arena.
  8. Before entering the boss room, spawn a portal so you can return to this point if you die. Then enter the boss arena door.
  9. Defeat the boss, The Vaal Omnitect.
  10. If you die, you can return to the temple using any of the remaining portals. If you kill the boss, portals will spawn to let you return to your hideout.

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