Detonate Explosives

Due to the unique nature of Wraeclast, the Kalguurans have found that the safest way to excavate these sites is with explosives.

And that’s where you come in. You’ll place a chain of explosives across the expedition site, carefully planning what each blast is going to unearth.

Detonate Explosives PoE

Once you push the plunger, any undead freed by the explosions rise from the ground and the slaughter begins.

Activate the Detonator PoE

Activate the Detonator

Some of these fallen Kalguur are more difficult and rewarding than others, and have been indicated with special markers.

Once you have defeated the army of undead, you’re free to open all of the chests you unearthed and claim your rewards.

It’s up to you to decide where to place the chain of explosives to maximise your gains. Do you unearth a lot of monsters? Do you unearth more special monsters? Or do you go for the chests and try to avoid combat?

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