Brand Equity

Brand Equity is a notable passive skill. This passive skill affects the duration of brands. It also lets the character cast additional brands.

  • Brand Skills have 20% increased Duration
  • Brand Recall Brand Recall has 20% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
  • You can Cast an additional Brand

Anoint recipe

Indigo Oil Indigo Oil + Violet Oil Violet Oil + Black Oil Black Oil

Brand Equity PoE


# Name Value
1 sigil duration +% 20
2 sigil recall cooldown speed +% 20
3 base total number of sigils allowed 1

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Brand Skill

Brand is a type of active skill which creates a mark that can be attached to an enemy, which activates their damage dealing effect.

  • Arcanist Brand
  • Armageddon Brand
  • Brand Recall
  • Penance Brand
  • Storm Brand
  • Wintertide Brand

Brand Recall

Brand Recall is a spell that recalls all brands to the caster and causes them to activate.

Brand Recall can only reach level 6 through regular experience gain, but the required experience to reach level 6 is comparable to that of regular gems. Its level cap can be exceeded the same way as other gems.

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