Unearthed Remnant

The ancient Kalguuran explorers built structures on Wraeclast, and you may encounter Unearthed Remnants of these at excavation sites. These remnants have various modifiers on them that, when destroyed, apply to monsters and chests unearthed from that explosion onwards.

Unearthed Remnant greatly increases drops, but have some very difficult modifiers, like “Immune to physical damage“. You’ll need to be very careful with your decision of which remnants to chain your explosives through, as they substantially ramp up the difficulty and rewards of the encounters.

Unearthed Remnant PoE

You may choose to unearth chests full of valuable rewards, or to revive the undead husks of Kalguuran explorers and their treasures. It pays to be mindful of the mysterious Remnants of Kalguuran settlements scattered around the site. When detonated, their modifiers significantly increase the difficulty and reward of your Expedition.

Quick PSA about how Remnants Work

We quickly wanted to clarify this because some players misunderstood it. Sorry for not being more clear!

Remnants are detonated in a sequence (as your chain of explosives reaches them). When one is detonated, its effects apply to the monsters unearthed by that blast and all subsequent blasts. This is one of the things you need to consider strategically while planning where to place the explosives. You do not need to wait until all explosives have gone off before you start fighting the monsters.

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