Xdefiant Factions

In XDefiant, factions are groups of agents inspired by various Ubisoft franchises, each with unique abilities and roles. Here are the main factions available in the game:

  1. Cleaners (The Division): Specialize in fire-based attacks.

    • Abilities:
      • Incinerator Drone: A drone that drops napalm.
      • Firebomb: A Molotov cocktail causing explosive damage.
    • Ultra: The Purifier (flamethrower).
    • Passive: Incendiary Rounds (bullets cause burn damage).
  2. Echelon (Splinter Cell): Focus on stealth and intel gathering.

    • Abilities:
      • Digital Ghillie Suit: Grants near invisibility.
      • Intel Suit: Reveals enemy locations periodically.
    • Ultra: Sonar Goggles (reveals enemies and grants a powerful pistol).
    • Passive: Low Profile (undetectable on the enemy minimap).
  3. Libertad (Far Cry 6): Provide healing support.

    • Abilities:
      • BioVida Boost: Increases health regeneration for allies.
      • El Remedio: Releases healing gas.
    • Ultra: Medico Supremo (boosts health and healing).
    • Passive: Espiritu de Libertad (continuous healing for nearby allies).
  4. Phantoms (Ghost Recon Phantoms): Offer defensive capabilities.

    • Abilities:
      • Mag Barrier: Deploys a barrier that blocks enemy fire.
      • Blitz Shield: A shield that reduces frontal damage.
    • Ultra: Aegis (bubble shield and powerful scattergun).
    • Passive: Hardened (20% more health).
  5. DedSec (Watch Dogs 2): Focus on hacking and disruption.

    • Abilities:
      • Hijack: Hacks enemy equipment.
      • Spiderbot: Deploys a robot that stuns enemies.
    • Ultra: Lockout (prevents enemies from using their abilities).
    • Passive: Fabricator (generates extra devices).

These factions allow players to choose roles that best fit their playstyle, whether it’s offensive, defensive, supportive, or disruptive​​​​​​. Unlocking XDefiant Attachments, Weapons, Characters, and Devices.

XDefiant features several factions, each with their own unique backstory, aesthetic, and special abilities. Here’s a rundown of the current factions in the game:

1. Echelon (Splinter Cell):

  • Lore: Echelon are elite, covert operatives known for their high-tech gadgets and infiltration tactics.
  • Playstyle: Echelon abilities often focus on intel gathering, enemy disruption, and flanking maneuvers. They excel at stealth and surprise attacks.
  • Example Ability: Wall hacks that reveal enemy positions through walls for a short duration.

2. Cleaners (The Division):

  • Lore: Cleaners are a ruthless faction specializing in chemical warfare and purging contaminated areas.
  • Playstyle: Cleaners abilities are geared towards aggressive tactics, area denial, and inflicting damage over time with fire and toxins.
  • Example Ability: Incendiary grenades that burn enemies and damage them over time.

3. Libertad (Far Cry):

  • Lore: Libertad are a ragtag group of rebels fighting for freedom against a tyrannical regime.
  • Playstyle: Libertad abilities lean towards support and healing, reviving teammates and boosting their health. They can also be effective in close-quarters combat.
  • Example Ability: A healing aura that regenerates health for yourself and nearby teammates.

4. Phantoms (Ghost Recon):

  • Lore: Phantoms are highly trained soldiers known for their advanced weaponry and tactical expertise.
  • Playstyle: Phantoms have abilities that focus on defense and fortification, boosting their own armor and deploying deployable cover.
  • Example Ability: A temporary shield that absorbs incoming damage.

5. DedSec (Watch Dogs):

  • Lore: DedSec are a group of skilled hackers who disrupt technology and fight for online privacy. (Note: DedSec is currently locked and requires unlocking through challenges or future purchases)
  • Playstyle: (Speculative based on information available) DedSec abilities might involve hacking enemy equipment, deploying deployable drones, and manipulating the environment.

Choosing a Faction:

  • Consider your preferred playstyle. Do you like aggressive tactics, support roles, or sneaky flanks? Pick a faction that aligns with how you want to approach the game.
  • Each faction has multiple Defiants (characters) with unique ability variations. Explore them to find the Defiant that best suits your approach within the chosen faction.

Remember, new factions might be added in the future, so stay tuned for updates!

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