Void Shot - Path of Exile

Void Shot fires an arrow which decelerates to the target location, the arrow will then become unstable and explode dealing weapon damage in an area, converting half of the physical damage to cold damage.

Icon Name Stats Description
Void Shot Icon Void Shot
  • Deals 120% of Base Attack Damage
  • Consume a Void Charge to Trigger this Skill when you fire Arrows with a Non-Triggered Skill
  • 50% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage
  • 100% more Area Damage
  • You cannot use this Attack directly
  • Cast Time: 1s
  • Item Class Restrictions: Bows
  • Level Req.: 70
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Effectiveness of Added Damage: 120%
  • Damage Multiplier: 120%

1. Void Shot Items

Item Category Lvl. Stats Note
Voidfletcher Voidfletcher quiver 64 Consumes a Void Charge to Trigger Level 20 Void Shot Unique

There is an interaction that allows for faster void charge generation than the usual rate of 1 every 0.5 seconds. It involves Mirror Arrow Mirror Arrow or Blink Arrow Blink Arrow and the Supreme Grandstanding keystone. Since the clones created by Mirror Arrow Mirror Arrow and Blink Arrow Blink Arrow have the character’s quiver equipped, they are able to gain void charges themselves and share those charges with the character via Supreme Grandstanding. Note that the clones cannot trigger Void Shot when they attack.

2. Void Shot Build

Void Shot can be supported by applicable support gems socketed in the Voidfletcher Voidfletcher; it is not necessary to link the sockets together.

When triggered by using Barrage Barrage, it will consume all Void Charges (it is called Void Arrows in the UI) at once.

Modifiers that add additional arrows (like Deadeyes “Endless Munitions” or Arborix Arborix) will also affect the amount of arrows fired per Void Shot.

Void Shot is not a skill gem, therefore it cannot be supported by Empower Support Empower SupportEnhance Support Enhance Support, or Enlighten Support Enlighten Support.

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