Void Anomaly in Grotto Map

Defeat Golem Bosses challenge: Defeat the Void Anomaly unique map boss in Grotto Map.

  • Location: Grotto Map
  • Unique Map Boss: Void Anomaly

Void Anomaly unique boss ability

Void Anomaly is a unique Chaos Sentinel / Chaos Golem. It is the map boss of Grotto Map.

  • Chaos Firestorm
  • Chaos Glacial Cascade
  • Chaos damage Sandstorm
  • Spawn a pack of miners, the first pack of which will be magic rarity. (Monsters spawned by the boss will not have a Bloodline mod.)
  • cannot be taunted when taunted ms [0]
  • unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
  • monster dropped item quantity +% [1500]
  • monster dropped item rarity +% [2000]
  • monster slain experience +% [100]
  • cannot be stunned for ms after stun finished [2000]
  • cannot be stunned while stunned [1]
Life: +400% Energy Shield From Life: 50% Ailment Threshold: 400% Resistance: Resists Fire(40), Resists Cold(40), Resists Lightning(40), Resists Chaos(25),
Damage: +160% Accuracy: 100% Critical Strike Chance: 5% Critical Strike Multiplier: 130%
Attack Distance: 6 ~ 12 Attack Time: 1.5 Second Damage Spread: 20% Experience: 200%
Model Size: 200% Type: ChaosGolemMapBoss

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Grotto Map

Grotto Map(Search from Path of Exile Trade) is a map area.

  • Map Tier: 4, 6, 10, 12, 14
  • Atlas Region: Lira Arthain

Bonus: Kill boss of magic or higher version of this map. Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 14 and Awakening level 2.

The layout forms a large loop of twisted tunnels, occasionally branching off into dead ends. Boss room is open to the map, marked by crystal growths and is always facing toward the centre of the layout.

Items found in this area

Item Level
The Gambler 1
The Watcher 1
Loyalty 1
Hunter's Reward 1
Her Mask 1
Treasure Hunter 1
Rain Tempter 1
Gripped Gloves 70
Spiked Gloves 70
The Rite of Elements 1
Pride of the First Ones 1
The Primordial 1
Cerulean Ring 80

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