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Defeat the Elderslayers challenge: Al-Hezmin, The Hunter while the area has at least 80% Item Quantity.

How to get Conqueror Maps?

  1. Map contains #'s Citadel(Search). Al-Hezmin, The Hunter map mods: Map contains Al-Hezmin's Citadel.
  2. Upon killing T14+ Map Bosses, a Conqueror-influenced Tier 14 to 16 map may drop, which is contains the citadel of one of the four Conquerors.
  3. The map can also be sold by Kirac or offered in-map as part of his Atlas Missions. Influenced Scouting Report Influenced Scouting Report rerolls all of Kirac’s Atlas Missions, including at least one Shaper Guardian, Elder Guardian, or Elderslayer Map.

Al-Hezmin, The Hunter map PoE

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Atlas Passives: Elderslayers

Martial Forces is a Atlas notable passive skill. Mastery: Elderslayers. 20% increased Quantity of Items found in Conqueror Maps.

Count Name Description
1 Martial Forces
  • 20% increased Quantity of Items found in Conqueror Maps
  • Conqueror Maps have 20% increased Pack Size
  • Eldritch Bosses have 20% chance to drop a Conqueror Map
  • (Eldritch Bosses are The Searing Exarch, The Black Star, The Eater of Worlds, The Infinite Hunger, and The Elder)

1 Conquered Conquerors
  • Conquerors have 25% increased chance to drop a Conqueror’s Exalted Orb
  • Unique Bosses have 25% increased chance to drop a Conqueror Map
  • Sirus has 10% chance to drop an Awakened Support Gem
7 Conqueror Influenced Item Drop Chance
  • Items found in Conqueror Maps have 5% increased chance to be Influenced

Conquerors, also known as Elderslayers, are five end-game bosses of the Conquerors: (Al-Hezmin, the Hunter), (Baran, the Crusader), (Drox, the Warlord), (Veritania, the Redeemer), (Sirus, Awakener of Worlds (the final Conqueror)).

Cartographer's Chisel

Cartographer’s Chisel Cartographer’s Chisel improves the quality of a map. The maximum quality is 20%.

Map Fragments

Add map fragments to increase the map's Item Quantity. For example:

Item Stats
Sacrifice at Dawn Sacrifice at Dawn 5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
Sacrifice at Dusk Sacrifice at Dusk 5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
Sacrifice at Midnight Sacrifice at Midnight 5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
Sacrifice at Noon Sacrifice at Noon 5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area

List of Conquerors

Name Al-Hezmin, the Hunter Baran, the Crusader Drox, the Warlord Veritania, the Redeemer Sirus, Awakener of Worlds (the final Conqueror)
Image PoE Conquerors 1 PoE Conquerors 2 PoE Conquerors 3 PoE Conquerors 4 PoE Conquerors 5
Map Icon N/A
Map Mod Map contains Al-Hezmin’s Citadel
Item Quantity increases amount of Rewards Al-Hezmin drops by 20% of its value
Map contains Baran’s Citadel
Item Quantity increases amount of Rewards Baran drops by 20% of its value
Map contains Drox’s Citadel
Item Quantity increases amount of Rewards Drox drops by 20% of its value
Map contains Veritania’s Citadel
Item Quantity increases amount of Rewards Veritania drops by 20% of its value
Main Drop influenced item
(Hunter’s, of the Hunt)
Hunter’s Exalted Orb Hunter’s Exalted Orb
Al-Hezmin’s Crest Al-Hezmin’s Crest
influenced item
(Crusader’s, of the Crusade)
Crusader’s Exalted Orb Crusader’s Exalted Orb
Baran’s Crest Baran’s Crest
influenced item
(Warlord’s, of the Conquest)
Warlord’s Exalted Orb Warlord’s Exalted Orb
Drox’s Crest Drox’s Crest
influenced item
(Redeemer’s, of Redemption)
Redeemer’s Exalted Orb Redeemer’s Exalted Orb
Veritania’s Crest Veritania’s Crest
i86 influenced item

Exclusive unique (see table below)
Awakener’s Orb Awakener’s Orb

1. Al-Hezmin, the Hunter Guide

Al-Hezmin, the Hunter is one of the Elderslayers / Conquerors of the Atlas. He serves as one of the end-game bosses of the Atlas. The boss fight itself has 8 different levels, based on the player's current Atlas Awakening level. It is colloquially known as A1 Hezmin through A8 Hezmin.

Level(s) 68 / 83
Location Hunter’s Ambush
Quest The Hunter (quest)
Health 1 668 108 / 32 578 382
Damage 2092.9 / 5038.9
ApS 2
  • 50% Fire
  • 50% Cold
  • 50% Lightning
  • 30% Chaos
Modifier Cannot Be Fully Slowed

Al-Hezmin, the Hunter

2. Fight Al-Hezmin, the Hunter Strategy

Players must first spawn a Conqueror within the Atlas using the steps in the Atlas quick guide. Then talking to Kirac and Zana will open a portal to the Conqueror's citadel. Defeating the map boss will open a portal to the Conqueror's arena, where they must fight Al-Hezmin.

Al-Hezmin's arena is a triangular area with a triangular acid pool in the center. Depending on which phase he's on, it's better or worse to stay inside the triangle.

  1. Open a map that’s in in one of the corner regions of the Atlas (Haewark Hamlet, Lex Ejoris, New Vastir, Lira Arthain).
  2. The fourth time you do, Al-Hezmin will appear and taunt the player, adding his influence within the map region.
  3. Repeat this two more times.
  4. Talk to Kirac. He will show the location of the Citadel in the region.
  5. Ttalk to Zana to open six portals into Al-Hezmin’s Citadel.
  6. After defeating the map boss, go into the portal and defeat Al-Hezmin, the Hunter.
  7. Al-Hezmin is notable for dealing a high amount of Chaos damage, and is also the only Conqueror to deal this type of damage.
  8. Players must keep moving to avoid the projectile attacks of the Vipers and Wyverns spawned by Al-Hezmin, and attack him as and when he becomes vulnerable.
  9. Constant mobility during the fight is recommended, but avoid entering the acid pool as it can be deadly in some phases.

3. Al-Hezmin, the Hunter Drops

Items influenced by the Hunter have a green icon on its header  and have unique Hunter modifiers.

Non-influenced items can have the Hunter's influence added using a Hunter's Exalted Orb, which is a rare drop from Al-Hezmin.

In most cases, defeating Al-Hezmin will drop a Viridian Watchstone that can be socketed into Atlas citadels.

Al-Hezmin, the Hunter can drop Hunter items. He can also drop these exclusive items:

3.1 Exclusive

  • Viridian Watchstone
  • Hunter's Exalted Orb
  • Hunter items (items with the Hunter influence)

3.2 Shared with other Conquerors

  • The Black Cane
  • Eye of Malice
  • Painseeker
  • Mistwall
  • Leash of Oblation

3.3 Awakened support skill gems

4. Al-Hezmin Damage Type

4.1 Overview of attacks:

  • Default melee attack
  • Sweeps the area in front of him with both his swords and launches a long range projectile in front of him.
  • Performs a stab combo, lunging forward then finishes with a slam that deals damage around him.
  • Fires a volley of poisonous projectiles. He is more likely to use this attack if you are far away from him.
  • Launches a wide wyvern-like projectile at the player. Afterwards, the center of the pool will be filled with poison. Then, three invincible vipers will emerge from the poison pool, firing projectiles that deal area damage and apply a very strong poison on hit. Al-Hezmin will attempt to constantly run away from the player during this phase.
  • Causes Tunneling Vipers to appear from outside of the triangle. They will only appear if you get close enough to them. They will also launch poison projectiles, but deal less damage.

4.2 Default Attack

  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
  • Deals 100% of Damage

4.3 Monster Mortar

  • Deals 975.5 to 1463 Physical Damage
  • 50% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage

4.4 Projectile Barrage

  • 25% less Attack Speed
  • +100 to Melee Weapon and Unarmed Attack range

4.5 Combo Thrust

  • 100% increased Knockback Distance
  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage

4.6 Combo Slam

  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage

4.7 Decapitate Left to Right

  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
  • 200% increased Poison Duration
  • 500% increased Damage with Poison

4.8 Decapitate Thrust

  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
  • Deals 40% of Base Attack Damage

4.9 Dodge

  • Dodges in a random direction.

4.10 Basilisk Wyvern

  • 25% less Attack Speed
  • +100 to Melee Strike Range

4.11 Basilisk Decapitate

  • 25% less Attack Speed

4.12 Basilisk Spin Attack

  • 25% less Attack Speed

4.13 Wyvern Flight

  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
  • 100% increased Damage with Poison

4.14 Dual Projectile

  • Deals 100% of Damage
  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
  • Deals 5% of Base Attack Damage

5. Conquerors of the Atlas

When exploring a map, there is a chance that one of the Conquerors of the Atlas, Al-Hezmin, the Hunter, Veritania, the Redeemer, Drox, the Warlord, and Baran, the Crusader, appears and spreads influence over the Atlas region. Whenever a Conqueror appears in a map, they will occupy the Atlas region and add packs of special influenced monsters to the map whenever they appear. After their third appearance, you can speak to Officer Kirac to locate their Citadel, then talk to Zana to open a portal to their Citadel, a normal map within the Atlas region. Once you defeat the Citadel’s map boss, a portal leading to the Conqueror’s arena opens up, where you can fight the Conqueror themselves. Each Conqueror will drop a Watchstone on defeat, which you can slot in a Citadel to upgrade all maps within the region to higher tiers and possibly reveal new ones.

Influenced monsters and the Conquerors have a chance to drop Influenced items, special item bases which can roll mods unavailable to regular items.

Name Location Notes
Sirus, Awakener of Worlds Eye of the Storm Final boss
Al-Hezmin, the Hunter Hunter's Ambush Unique boss
Veritania, the Redeemer Redeemer's Eyrie Unique boss
Drox, The Warlord Warlord's Keep Unique boss
Baran, the Crusader Crusader's Sanctum Unique boss

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