The Eroding One in Flooded Mine Map

Defeat Golem Bosses challenge: Defeat the The Eroding One unique map boss in Flooded Mine Map.

  • Location: Flooded Mine Map
  • Unique Map Boss: The Eroding One

The Eroding One unique boss

  • cannot be taunted when taunted ms [0]
  • unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
  • monster dropped item quantity +% [1500]
  • monster dropped item rarity +% [2000]
  • monster slain experience +% [100]
  • cannot be stunned for ms after stun finished [2000]
  • cannot be stunned while stunned [1]
Life: +400% Armour: +60% Evasion: +40% Ailment Threshold: 400%
Resistance: Resists Fire(40), Resists Cold(40), Resists Lightning(40), Resists Chaos(25) Damage: +176% Accuracy: 100% Critical Strike Chance: 5%
Critical Strike Multiplier: 130% Attack Distance: 6 ~ 9 Attack Time: 1.5 Second Damage Spread: 20%
Experience: 200% Model Size: 163% Type: RockGolemMapBoss

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Flooded Mine Map

Flooded Mine Map(Search from Path of Exile Trade) is a map area.

Bonus: Kill boss of magic or higher version of this map. Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 16 and Awakening level 2.

Items found in this area

It may drops the following divination cards:

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