PoE Vaal Molten Strike

Vaal Molten Strike is a Vaal melee attack skill that strikes an enemy, with some of the physical damage converted to fire damage. Using this skill causes multiple molten ball projectiles that land to deal damage in a small area and bounce outward in the same direction based on the number of additional chains.

Vaal Molten Strike Vaal Molten Strike is a Vaal skill gem.

Infuses your melee weapon with molten energies to attack with physical and fire damage. This attack causes balls of molten magma to launch forth causing AoE attack damage to enemies where they land.

Attack, Projectile, AoE, Melee, Strike, Fire, Chaining, Vaal. Level: 1–20. Souls Per Use: 15. Can Store 3 Use. Soul Gain Prevention: 3 sec. Attack Speed: 70% of base. Attack Damage: 70–110% of base. Effectiveness of Added Damage: 70–110%. Requires Level 1.

  • (2–75) to (3–113) Added Fire Damage
  • Fires 8 additional Projectiles
  • Chains +8 Times
  • 60% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage
  • +4 to radius
  • Can"t be Evaded
  • Projectiles can Chain when impacting the ground
  • Projectiles do not change direction when Chaining
  • Corrupted

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

NameAdditional Effects From QualityWeight
Vaal Molten Strike(0–20)% increased Fire Damage50

Can Vaal Molten Strike's projectiles overlap?

Yes, Multiple projectiles can hit a single target.

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Skill functions and interactions

  • Chain: This skill functions similarly to the now drop-disabled threshold jewel Wildfire. The projectiles from this skill pass through enemies and cannot pierce, fork, or split. Chains can be further enhanced with support gems and items. Chained projectiles continue in the same direction, but can change their speed between impacts.
  • Can't be evaded: Vaal Molten Strike ignores accuracy and evasion rating for hit chance calculations.
  • Dual Wielding: Dual wielding attacks with Vaal Molten Strike will alternate the weapon being swung.
  • Gain on hit: The stated amount on hit will be restored for both the initial hit and for each projectile that strikes an enemy.
  • Iron Grip: This will allow Strength's melee physical damage bonus to apply to the projectile portion of the attack.
  • Projectile Speed: Reducing projectile speed (such as with Slower Projectiles Support) will reduce the distance projectiles travel without reducing their AoE, making them more likely to hit the initial melee target.
  • Point Blank: Projectiles are affected by Point Blank even though the melee attack is not. As Point Blank measures from the origin point of the projectile, the damage multiplier received is proportional to the distance the projectile has traveled from the melee target's location (where the projectile was created).
  • Vicious Projectiles Support: The Projectiles will receive the damage multiplier, however Vaal Molten Strike attack speed will not be lessened because it is a Melee Attack that triggers a Projectile Attack, and is not a Projectile Attack itself.
  • Multiple projectiles can hit a single target if they have sufficient AOE. The projectile itself has no collision damage against enemies

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PoE Vaal Molten Strike Build

Here’s an preview of Vaal Molten Strike and Vaal Smite.

Vaal Molten Strike Effect

Vaal Molten Strike Effect

Level Effect

LevelRequires LevelStrengthBase Damage2 to 3 Added Fire DamageExperience
111070%2, 370
221272.1%2, 3308
341674.2%3, 41,554
472276.3%4, 66,667
5113178.4%5, 826,047
6164180.5%7, 1149,725
7205082.6%9, 1395,714
8245884.7%11, 17169,595
9286786.8%14, 20283,759
10327588.9%16, 25453,996
11368391.1%20, 30703,128
12409293.2%24, 351,061,223
134410095.3%28, 422,065,870
144810997.4%33, 492,507,110
155211799.5%39, 585,798,936
1656125101.6%45, 6815,083,919
1760134103.7%52, 7927,792,735
1864142105.8%61, 9143,869,739
1967148107.9%68, 102242,081,556
2070155110%75, 113
2172112.1%81, 122
2274114.2%87, 130
2376116.3%93, 140
2478118.4%100, 150
2580120.5%107, 160
2682122.6%114, 172
2784124.7%123, 184
2886126.8%131, 197
2988128.9%140, 210
3090131.1%150, 224
3191132.1%155, 232
3292133.2%160, 240
3393134.2%165, 248
3494135.3%171, 256
3595136.3%176, 265
3696137.4%182, 273
3797138.4%188, 282
3898139.5%194, 292
3999140.5%201, 301
40100141.6%207, 311

Level 20 with 20% quality

Vaal Molten Strike

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