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Vaal Smite is a Vaal melee attack where the user strikes an enemy or location, dealing area damage to several nearby enemies. Hitting an enemy grants an improved version of the Smite aura buff which has a longer duration and higher added lightning damage. The aura buff also causes the regular version of Smite to strike an additional target with lightning. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, Sceptre, Staff or Unarmed.

Vaal Smite Vaal Smite is a Vaal skill gem.

Calls lightning down to infuse your weapon, then performs a melee attack and causes lightning to strike nearby enemies, dealing damage in an area around each. Hitting an enemy grants an aura, giving you and your allies additional lightning damage for a duration, and additional lightning bolts with Smite. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, Sceptre, Staff or Unarmed.

Lightning, Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee, Strike, Aura, Vaal. Level: 1–20. Souls Per Use: 20. Can Store 2 Use. Soul Gain Prevention: 6 sec. Attack Speed: 50% of base. Attack Damage: 300–430% of base. Effectiveness of Added Damage: 300–430%. Requires Level 1.

  • 50% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage
  • Base duration is 8 seconds
  • Modifiers to Skill Effect Duration also apply to this Skill"s Soul Gain Prevention
  • +(0–6) to radius
  • Can"t be Evaded
  • Aura grants (10–19)% chance to Shock
  • Lightning strikes 30 targets
  • Aura makes Smite strike +1 target with lightning
  • Aura grants (1–17) to (7–330) added Lightning Damage
  • Corrupted

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

NameAdditional Effects From QualityWeight
Vaal Smite(0–10)% increased Area of Effect50

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Does Vaal Smite's buff increase single-target damage?

Vaal Smite has more damage than regular Smite and its aura has a longer duration that has higher added lightning damage. It also generates lightning bolts that strike another target.

Skill functions and interactions

  • Can't be evaded: Vaal Smite ignores accuracy and evasion rating for hit chance calculations.
  • The lightning damage area of effect caused by this skill does not count as a melee hit for purposes of effects like Fortify.
  • Unlike regular Smite, Vaal Smite targets an extremely high number of enemies; this means that although a few sources of Strike Skills target an additional nearby Enemy are helpful, Ancestral Call Support would be comparatively worse as it causes skills to deal less damage. Additionally, because of the Vaal Smite buff granting regular Smite an additional target, Ancestral Call may be unnecessary in general.
  • The area damage from lightning bolts can overlap, causing additional damage to a target if there are nearby enemies.

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PoE Vaal Smite Build

Here’s an preview of Vaal Molten Strike and Vaal Smite.

Why is Smite's text different, and what has changed about the skill hitting enemies?

There is no functional change to Smite's behaviour. The text on Smite primarily changed because the old wording only discussed hitting a target with both the lightning and melee, but did not explain that additional lightning bolts (already possible with an enchantment, and more common now from Vaal Smite's Aura bonus) also couldn't damage the same target twice (Note: Vaal Smite itself does not have this restriction). The new wording is also shorter, which is important because the Vaal Smite gem popup is quite big.

Smite currently has a case where an enemy can be hit by both the melee damage from an additional strike target (such as from Ancestral Call), and the damage of the lightning bolt which is associated with your primary strike. This goes against what the new wording of Smite says, but it also goes against the old wording, so the wording is the same amount of inaccurate. This behaviour is unintended and caused by a subtle timing issue relating to Smite's animations, but is not changed in 3.20.0 and we do not currently have specific plans to change it.

Level Effect

LevelRequires LevelStrengthIntelligenceBase DamageAura grants 1 to 7 added Lightning DamageAura grants 10% chance to Shock# to radiusExperience
1164300%1, 710070
2275306.8%1, 7100308
34107313.7%1, 91111,554
471410320.5%1, 121116,667
5111913327.4%1, 1712126,047
6162618334.2%1, 2412249,725
7203122341.1%2, 3113295,714
8243725347.9%2, 39132169,595
9284229354.7%3, 49143283,759
10324733361.6%3, 61143453,996
11365336368.4%4, 74153703,128
12405840375.3%5, 901541,061,223
13446344382.1%6, 1091642,065,870
14486848388.9%7, 1301642,507,110
15527451395.8%8, 1561755,798,936
16567955402.6%10, 18517515,083,919
17608459409.5%12, 21918527,792,735
18649062416.3%14, 25918643,869,739
19679465423.2%15, 293196242,081,556
20709868430%17, 330196
2172436.8%19, 358207
2274443.7%20, 387207
2376450.5%22, 419217
2478457.4%24, 453218
2580464.2%26, 490228
2682471.1%28, 529228
2784477.9%30, 572238
2886484.7%32, 617239
2988491.6%35, 666249
3090498.4%38, 718249
3191501.8%39, 7452410
3292505.3%41, 7742510
3393508.7%42, 8032510
3494512.1%44, 8342510
3595515.5%46, 8652510
3696518.9%47, 8982610
3797522.4%49, 9322611
3898525.8%51, 9672611
3999529.2%53, 10032611
40100532.6%55, 10412711

Vaal Smite Effect

Vaal Smite Effect

Level 20 with 20% quality

Vaal Smite Level 20

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