PoE Used when you become Ignited Craft Recipe

Crafting Recipes Cost Unlock Locations Description Prefix /
Item Classes NPC
Used when you become Ignited 5x Instilling Orb
5x Glassblower’s Bauble
Epilogue, Oriath Movement Speed and Flask Enchantments – Rank 3 Flask Helena

Ignite is an elemental ailment associated with fire that causes the affected target to take burning damage (fire damage over time).

A hit of damage that has a chance to ignite is capable of inflicting ignite. Critical strikes inherently have a 100% chance to ignite. By default, only fire damage is able to inflict ignite, but certain equipment such as The Three Dragons, Hrimburn, Stormfire, or the Elemental Conflux buff can change which damage types are able to inflict ignite. Damage over time effects, such as Searing Bond, do not hit and therefore cannot inflict ignite.

Resistance modifiers like penetration do not affect the chance to ignite.

The base duration of ignite is 4 seconds. The burning damage over time is 90% of the base damage of the hit of fire damage (before increased and more multipliers and resistance calculations), per second. Therefore, over the base duration the target will take 360% of the base damage dealt. Increasing the duration of the Ignite, either via Temporal Chains or the % increased Ignite duration modifier, causes the ignite to deal the same damage per second for a greater period of time. Linking a skill that applies an ignite with Increased Duration Support will not increase the duration of the ignite.

Ignite inflicted by non-player unit deal 200% of base damage over 4 seconds, or 50% base damage per second.[confirmation needed because of 3.17.0 change]

The minimum effective duration of ignite is 300ms / 0.3s, if a application of ignite has a lower duration it does not apply (as of 3.13).

Separate applications of ignite do not stack cumulatively. Each ignite effect remains present on the target until it runs its course, but only the one with the highest damage per second will cause damage at any given moment. For example, assume an enemy is inflicted with ignite for 100 damage per second, then after 2 seconds it is inflicted with ignite for 50 damage per second. The outcome will be 400 damage over 4 seconds followed by 100 damage over 2 seconds.

An exception to ignite stacking does, however, exist. Emberwake grants an additional ignite, and equipping two would result in three ignite stacks.

As an ailment, modifiers to attack, spell, melee, and ranged damage will not apply to ignite, nor will damage modifiers that are only applicable to the skill itself.

The following modifiers will directly affect the damage of ignite:

  • Damage
  • Damage over Time
  • Elemental Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Burning Damage
  • Ignite Damage
  • Damage over Time Multiplier
  • Fire Damage over Time Multiplier

Double damage does not affect ignite damage. Double damage mechanic only modifies the hit damage, not the base damage – so it does not double ailment damage.

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Critical Strikes

Critical Strike Multiplier does not affect Ignite damage, unless player has Perfect Agony keystone.

The damage multiplier for ailments from critical strikes exists independently from the critical strike multiplier used for hits.

A character’s base critical strike multiplier is 150%. This damage multiplier does not function as 50% more damage but as +50% to Damage over Time multiplier, which stacks additively with other sources of Damage over Time Multiplier for Ailments.

There currently exist no modifiers to this stat. However, the Perfect Agony keystone applies a percentage of modifiers to critical strike multiplier to the damage multiplier for ailments from critical strikes.

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