Unrighteous Fire PoE

Unrighteous Fire Buff

Unrighteous fire is a monster skill. It is a monster version of Righteous Fire Righteous Fire.

Icon Description
Unrighteous Fire PoE You take burning damage, deal burning damage to those around you, and have increased spell damage.

It deals burning damage (fire damage over time) to nearby enemies. Unlike Righteous Fire Righteous Fire skill gem, monster version has a fixed damage and does not depend on the monster’s maximum life, so Magic and Rare monsters using this skill will not deal more burning damage due to their life values (this does not take into account on more monster mods due to monster rarity). Also, the monster version seem did not deal damage to itself, unlike the player character version.

Each version, MonsterRighteousFire, MonsterAsylumRighteousFire, MonsterRighteousFireDemonBoss, WickerManRighteousFire and MonsterRighteousFireWhileSpectred has its own damage over time per minute. According to the datamine result, “MonsterRighteousFire” deals 107 fire damage per minute, while “MonsterRighteousFireWhileSpectred” deals 95 fire damage per minute. These values does not take into accounts other factors such as map mod, other monster mod and other mechanics in the game that scale monster damage.

However, since Atziri’s Pride is a unique monster, Fated Miscreation is a prophecy monster and tagged for “unusable_corpse”, while Eye of Tzteosh leave no corpse, player can spectred Burned Miscreation and Wicker Man only. And while they are spectred, they use “MonsterRighteousFireWhileSpectred” variant.

Unrighteous Fire Aura

You are taking burning damage from being near an enemy using Unrighteous Fire.

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