Obtain at least three Treasure Keys from defeating Izaro a single time PoE

Treasure Keys

Name Sign Notes
Silver Cache
  • This area contains a locked room with one of special chests or a Mysterious Darkshrine that grants a random effect.
  • A Silver Key is required to open this door. During the first and Cruel labs, these are in the same room as the Cache.
Silver Key
  • Area contains a Silver Key.
  • Only show up in Merciless and Eternal labs.
  • This area doesn’t have any special rooms or features.
Aspirant’s Trial
  • This room is where you fight Izaro.
  • It consists of two parts: the ‘buffer’ zone with a stash, and the arena.
  • After entering the arena, backtracking to the room containing the stash is impossible until Izaro flees or is defeated.
Forgotten Reliquary
  • Area contains one decorative chest with a trinket inside the chest.
  • Trinkets are intended to make the next encounter with Izaro easier by nullifying or instantly killing or removing one (of three) mechanic mobs/spawns of that fight.
  • Can only spawn before the 1st or the 2nd battle with Izaro.
  • The room before first Izaro fight in every non-Eternal lab is a reliquary.
  • In the first and Cruel labs labs, the room before the second Izaro fight is a reliquary
Gold Door
  • Area contains a gold door, which has to be opened in order to proceed to the next area.
  • A Golden Key is required to open this door.
  • There are sometimes two golden doors next to each other, that is basically a crossroad, but only one can be opened since there is only one golden key.
  • In non-Eternal Labs, the golden key is in the same room.
Golden Key
  • Area contains one Golden Key needed to open a gold door.
  • Only shows up in Eternal labs.
  • These rooms are always attached to the areas with a gold door but can also be reached through a secret passage.
  • They usually have only one entrance.

Obtain Treasure Keys from defeating Izaro

Name How to get
1 Key Defeat Izaro itself
2 Key Defeat Izaro without disabling his extra buff/damage mechanics in each encounter(1 from each encounter, total of 2)
2 Key From Curious Lockboxes that lock behind gauntlets that fill with traps or puzzles.
1 Key Defeat it's pet name Argus.
1 Key By chances from the darkshrine with Catchphrase: Discover what lies within.
2 Key By chance from Izaro's Treasure that is located at the end of the labyrinth after defeating Izaro.


Name Location Notes
Silver Chest Contains a Silver Key
Golden Chest Contains a Golden Key
Curious Lockbox Contains a Treasure Key, assorted items (higher rarity)
Izaro’s Treasure The end of the labyrinth Can be opened with a Treasure Key
Decorative Chest Forgotten Reliquary Contains a  Trinket
Emperor’s Charts Silver Cache Maps, only tier 1 and shaped tier 1
Emperor’s Gifts Silver Cache Assorted items, higher rarity and quantity
Emperor’s Trove Jewelry, jewels and currency
Emperor’s Treasury Silver Cache Jewelry, jewels and currency
Emperor’s Vault Silver Cache Jewelry, jewels and currency
Guard Vault Behind the locked door with puzzle Assorted items (probably higher rarity and quantity)
Guard Treasury Assorted items with some currency
Hidden Chest
Hidden Coffer Assorted items
Labyrinth Trove Same as Izaro’s Treasure
Supply Cache Assorted items
Battle Supplies Assorted items
Ascendant’s Treasure Assorted items
War Spoils Silver Cache Assorted items (probably higher quantity)
Warmonger’s Cache Silver cache Weapons and currency

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Izaro is the boss of The Lord's Labyrinth. He is encountered three times throughout the labyrinth, in the Aspirant's Trial zones.

Defeating Izaro PoE


Skill Effect
Ground Slam Raises his weapon up then slams the ground, dealing heavy physical damage in an area in front of him. Deals more damage the closer you are to the center of the AoE. Only used while Izaro is wielding a two-handed mace.
Radiant Slash Winds up and slashes, releasing a huge expanding projectile forward, dealing heavy damage. Only used while Izaro is wielding dual swords.
Leap Slam Leaps at the player and slams the ground, dealing heavy physical damage.
Shield Bash Charges up, then dashes forward and swings his shield, dealing heavy physical damage on contact. Almost identical's to Voll's attack.
Sunder Sends a wave that travels forward. On hit, creates a shockwave that deals damage in an area. The wave can hit the same target multiple times.
Spikes Izaro strikes the ground and channels, releasing spikes from the ground at the player's location. The spiky ground deals damage over time and slows.

Izaro is assisted by the Goddess of Justice, which attacks independently from Izaro.

Skill Effect
Mortar Barrage Lobs mortars towards the player, dealing Fire damage in an area when they land.
Summon Guardians Bombards a random area, each explosion summoning a skeleton.
Teleport Casts a green circle around Izaro and a random area in a trapped area. After a delay, anyone within Izaro's circle will be teleported to the other circle. Only

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