Toram Online Spina Farm 2024

Farming Spina in Toram Online involves several strategies, each catering to different playstyles and levels of progression. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  1. Boss and Mini-Boss Farming: This is a popular method where you farm bosses or mini-bosses for valuable drops. Boss crystals, for example, can be quite lucrative. High-level boss crystals can sell for substantial amounts of Spina​​​​.

  2. Blacksmith Services: If you have a blacksmith character, you can earn Spina through refining and statting services. Refining equipment to higher levels (e.g., +B or +S) and adding stats to gear can be very profitable. Offering these services to other players or guildmates can yield a good income​​.

  3. Crafting and Selling Gear: Crafting high-demand items, such as equipment with good stats or multiple slots, can be profitable. High-level crafted items often sell for a premium, especially if they have desirable attributes or slots​​.

  4. Farming High-Demand Materials: Farming materials like Nightmare Crystals, which are always in demand for leveling up, can be a steady source of income. These materials can be sold in stacks for significant amounts of Spina​​.

  5. Event Items: Participating in events and saving event-exclusive items can be a good long-term strategy. These items often increase in value over time, allowing you to sell them later at a higher price​​.

  6. Synthesis and Potions: If you specialize in synthesis, creating potions or providing appearance customization services can be another way to earn Spina. This method requires investing in proficiency and TEC stats​​.

  7. Trading: Buying low and selling high is a classic method. Some players may sell items below market value for quick Spina, providing an opportunity for profit through reselling at market prices​​​​.

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By combining these methods and choosing the ones that best suit your playstyle and level, you can efficiently farm Spina in Toram Online.

How to get more Toram Online Spina?

Spina is the main currency in Toram Online, used for buying and selling equipment, materials, consumables, and pretty much everything else. Here are some ways to get Spina in Toram Online:


  • This is a popular method and involves finding enemies or locations that drop valuable materials or equipment. You can then sell these items to other players through the Consignment Board (CB) or to NPCs for Spina.
  • Here’s what to consider when choosing what to farm:
    • Material Farming: Look for materials that are commonly used in crafting or upgrading equipment. These are often in high demand and sell well.
    • Recipe Farming: Some monsters drop recipe books that can be valuable to other players.
    • Boss Drops: Certain bosses may drop rare materials or equipment that fetch a high price.
  • Here are some resources that can help you find good farming spots:
    • Online guides and forums
    • Talking to other players in-game

Crafting and Professions:

  • If you’re good at crafting, you can buy materials at low prices and turn them into high-value items to sell. This requires some investment in crafting skills and recipes, but can be very profitable.
  • There are two main professions for crafting:
    • Blacksmithing: Makes weapons and armor
    • Alchemy: Creates potions, consumables, and some equipment

Player Trading:

  • You can buy low and sell high on the Consignment Board (CB). This requires some knowledge of market prices and the ability to spot good deals.
  • Be wary of scams – there are always players trying to take advantage of others.

Other Methods:

  • Guild Quests: Participating in guild quests can earn you Spina as a reward.
  • Gem Runs: This is a challenging end-game activity where players race through a special dungeon. Completing it grants access to valuable chests that may contain Spina or rare items.
  • Daily Login Bonus: You get a small amount of Spina just for logging in every day.

Here are some additional tips for getting Spina in Toram Online:

  • Focus on your level: Higher level areas often have better drops and farming opportunities.
  • Specialize in a role: Support characters who buff or heal other players are often in high demand and can earn Spina through parties.
  • Be patient: Making a lot of Spina takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight.

Remember, the best method for you will depend on your character’s level, skills, and preferences. There’s no single magic bullet, so try out a few different approaches and see what works best for you.

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