Star Trek Online Energy Credits Farming 2024

To effectively farm Energy Credits (EC) in Star Trek Online, you can use several strategies to maximize your earnings. Here are some of the best methods:

  1. Foundry Missions: Completing specific foundry missions like "Loot-o-matic" and "Admiral BoBo" can yield significant amounts of loot. These missions are designed to provide large quantities of items that you can either sell to vendors or list on the exchange. By selling the rare and very rare items, you can earn substantial EC​​​​.

  2. Playing the Market on the Exchange: This involves buying underpriced items and reselling them at higher prices. Look for items sold at a fraction of their value and resell them for a profit. Additionally, some items might be overpriced due to convenience factors, and buying them from a vendor and reselling them can also net a profit. Another strategy is to exploit price discrepancies in different sections of the exchange​​.

  3. Daily Missions and STFs: Engaging in Special Task Forces (STFs) such as Starbase 24 or the Ker’rat Warzone can yield valuable loot. Focus on defeating high-value targets like Negh’Vars in Starbase 24, which often drop good loot. Completing Borg Elite missions also typically rewards rare or very rare items that can be sold for EC​​​​.

  4. Crafting and Selling Items: Leveling up your crafting skills can also be a good source of income. By crafting high-demand items such as weapon consoles (phaser relays, polaron phaser modulators, etc.), you can sell these for a good profit on the exchange​​.

  5. Tour The Galaxy Mission: Although slower, completing the "Tour The Galaxy" mission can be a reliable source of EC, especially for high-level characters. The rewards increase with your rank, making it more profitable as you progress​​.

  6. Selling Training Manuals: Buying training manuals from NPCs and reselling them on the market can be lucrative. Prices can vary, but there’s potential for significant profit if you find the right manuals to sell​​.

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Utilizing these methods will help you accumulate EC efficiently, allowing you to purchase the items and upgrades you need in the game.

Energy Credits (EC) are the lifeblood of the Star Trek Online (STO) economy. You’ll need them to buy pretty much everything, from starships and gear to vanity items and crafting materials. Here’s how you can stock up on EC:

Free Methods:

  • Daily Endeavors: These are daily challenges that reward you with boxes containing various goodies, including EC. It’s not guaranteed, but completing them consistently adds up.
  • Admiralty System: This system lets you send out crew members on away missions. While the rewards aren’t guaranteed, some missions specifically offer EC.
  • Selling Loot: As you play missions and defeat enemies, you’ll collect equipment, weapons, and other items. You can sell these to vendors at various stations for EC. Be sure to avoid vendors like Frankie who offer lower prices.
  • "Tour the Galaxy" Mission: This daily mission involves visiting specific systems within a time limit. Each visited system grants some EC, and completing the entire route nets you over 1 million EC. This requires a fast ship build though.
  • Events: Keep an eye out for special in-game events. Many offer unique items or currencies that can be sold on the Exchange for EC. For example, the Risa Summer Event lets you collect and sell "Lohlunat Favors" for a good chunk of EC.

Exchange Market (More Risky):

  • Playing the Exchange: The Exchange is STO’s auction house where players can buy and sell items. Here you can potentially make a good profit by selling unwanted gear, crafted items, or even keys bought with real money (ZEN) for EC. However, the Exchange involves some risk and requires understanding market trends.


  • Smart Selling: Don’t just dump everything in the recycler. Check vendor prices first. They often give you more EC than recycling.
  • Focus on Efficiency: When farming for EC, choose missions and methods that give you the most bang for your buck in terms of time spent.

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