The Arcane Sanctuary — Diablo 2 Resurrected

D2R The Arcane Sanctuary

The Arcane Sanctuary is a quest in Act 2. Mandatory if you are solo. In a party you do not need to, if someone else in the party has the Horadric Staff or has already finished off the Summoner (Quest Five) and you can get a portal to the Tombs or the Canyon of the Magi.

Given: Given by Drognan and Lord Jerhyn after The Seven Tombs quest is activated.
Triggered By: Showing Cain the Horadric Staff
Location: Find the portal to the Arcane Sanctuary on the third level of the Harem Cellar
Tips: Search the Palace for information about the Arcane Sanctuary.
Description: Drognan has been researching the old records, trying to find the location of Tal Rasha’s Tomb. Though he has not found the Tomb itself, he has a good lead for you. The great Vizjerei Summoner, Horazon, built his Arcane Sanctuary somewhere around here. He was a powerful spellcaster and kept demons as slaves within the Sanctuary. If you could find Horazon’s Sanctuary, Drognan is sure it will hold some clue as to the Tomb’s location. Drognan instructs you to talk to Lord Jerhyn who may know of a secret entrance or the like. Lord Jerhyn tells you that when the troubles began he allowed the terrified Harem guilds to join him within the safety of the palace. Once night screams echoed up the stairwells from the Harem. Jerhyn’s guards found the poor girls being slaughtered by a merciless band of hell-spawned demons. His brave guardsman tried to push the demons back into the mysterious rift from which they came. However, they have been fighting a losing battle. Demons continue to pour through the rift into the palace. Jerhyn opens up the place for you to explore. Find the Arcane Sanctuary.
Rewards: None, other than access to the Arcane Sanctuary, which you need to complete Quest Five.

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Once you have the Horadric Staff completed, Cain speaks to Jerhyn on your behalf, and convinces him that you are trustworthy. You can then speak to Jerhyn and gain access to the Palace. There are two levels of the Palace, then you enter the three levels of the Palace Cellar, and right in the middle of the third level you’ll find the portal to the Arcane Sanctuary.

Getting into the Palace can be tricky, if the person who created the game hasn’t done the quest yet when you complete it. Jerhyn won’t give you the quest yet, and the Guards will block you from entering the Palace. You will sometimes have to create a new game to get in, if you can’t find one to join that will allow you. Or you can ask for a portal to the Palace or Arcane Sanctuary waypoint and be able to get in that way in the future.


The Palace levels are small squares, and they have the same layout every game, with semi-random doorway locations. Once you’ve done them a few times, you’ll have them more or less memorized. A Sorceress or character with teleport charges can teleport down through the palace in literally 5 seconds per level. The Palace isn’t a bad place to level, but the Arcane is better, so no real point in sticking around, especially with the many skeletons non-leech. There aren’t any golden chests or many chests at all, though the large round beds on the upper levels of the palace can be clicked to reveal a hidden bonus of treasure.

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