Storm Strider PoE

Storm Strider Rare Monster Modifiers

  • 30% increased Lightning Damage
  • +40% to Lightning Resistance
  • Gain 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage
  • 50% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage
  • Now has 50% reduced effect of Lightning Ailments

3.19.0g Patch Notes: Lightning Mirages spawned by monsters with the Storm Strider modifier now spawn a short distance away from the player, instead of right on top of them. Monsters with this modifier now have a 2 second global cooldown for Triggering a Lightning Mirage when Hit (previously 0.75 second), and Lightning Mirages now have a 1 second cooldown until they can use their explosive skill (previously 2 seconds).

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PoE Storm Strider Recipe

Here is the full list of PoE Arch Nemesis Recipes.

Icon Name Archnemesis Recipes Description Stats
ModRecipeLightningwalker Storm Strider Stormweaver Hasted

Stormweaver + Hasted

Monster leaves Shocking Ground in its wake and spawns Lightning Mirages when hit. Minions create Storm Bearers on death
Trinkets Trinkets Trinkets

Rewards: Trinkets + Trinkets + Trinkets

  • 50% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage
  • 50% increased Lightning Damage (Hidden)
  • Gain 50% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage
  • +60% to Lightning Resistance (Hidden)
  • Immune to Shock (Hidden)

PoE Storm Strider Recipe

ModPantheonBrineking Brine King-touched Ice Prison Storm Strider Heralding Minions

Ice Prison + Storm Strider + Heralding Minions

Monster uses the abilities of the Brine King
Armour Armour Armour

Rewards: Armour + Armour + Armour

Rewards are rolled 6 additional times, choosing the rarest result
  • 75% increased Damage
  • +60% to Cold Resistance (Hidden)
  • 20% additional Physical Damage Reduction

Storm Strider

Storm Strider Storm Strider is a Archnemesis monster modifier. Apply this to a petrified monster at an Archnemesis statue.

  • Monster leaves Shocking Ground in its wake and spawns Lightning Mirages when hit. Minions create Storm Bearers on death
  • Rewards: Trinkets + Trinkets + Trinkets

Archnemesis mods cannot be traded with other players.

Shocking Ground

Shocked ground is a detrimental ground effect that inflicts a debuff that causing affected targets to take increased damage from all sources. You take increased damage while standing on shocked ground.

Lightning Mirages

It is a nemesis modifier. When hit, creates a mirage at their spot which slowly chase after the player (has a cooldown between each spawn). On contact, it detonates itself to deal lightning damage. Mirages will expire after a few seconds. Plays a distinct sound when a mirage spawns.

Storm Bearers

On death, each monster starts a storm-call-like bomb of their element.

Monster Modifiers:

  • Extra Lightning Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • base immune to shock
  • base lightning damage resistance 60%
  • cannot be sapped [0]
  • lightning damage +50%

Monster Minion Modifiers:

  • Lightning Damage
  • base lightning damage resistance 75%
  • lightning damage +50%

Storm Strider PoE

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