Skull and Bones (Refined Hide)-Hippo Leather

Ahoy, matey! You’re right, Hippo Leather is a valuable Refined Hide material in Skull and Bones, offering exceptional properties for crafting powerful gear. I apologize for any previous misinformation.

Here’s what you need to know about Hippo Leather:

Rarity: Uncommon

Properties: Renowned for its immense thickness and toughness, Hippo Leather excels in providing:

  • Superior physical damage resistance: Ideal for heavy armor sets that can withstand brutal attacks.
  • Increased elemental resistance: Offers protection against fire, water, and other elemental damage.
  • Unique crafting potential: Enables the creation of specialized equipment with unique bonuses and abilities.


  • Hunting: Face off against formidable Hippopotamuses found in specific regions, particularly swamps, riverbanks, and hidden lagoons. Be prepared for a fierce battle!
  • Looting: Dismantling high-tier armor and equipment, especially from challenging enemies or completing difficult quests, might yield Hippo Leather.
  • Trading: Certain merchants and outposts specializing in rare materials might occasionally sell Hippo Leather, but expect hefty prices.
  • Completing quests: Some mid-tier to high-level quests and contracts focused on hunting or defeating powerful creatures might reward you with Hippo Leather.

Crafting with Hippo Leather:

  • High-tier armor: Craft the most durable and protective armor sets in the game, offering unparalleled resilience against various threats.
  • Specialized equipment: Create unique items like heavy boots, gauntlets, and even helms that boast exceptional durability and specific bonuses.
  • Ship upgrades: Enhance specific ship components with Hippo Leather for:
    • Reinforced gunwales: Achieve unmatched protection against boarding actions and ramming attacks.
    • Decorated figureheads: Enhance your ship’s visual appeal while offering substantial stat bonuses.

Remember: The specific items you can craft with Hippo Leather will depend on your acquired blueprints and recipes.

Additional Tips:

  • Hippo Leather is a highly sought-after resource, so use it wisely for crafting critical equipment.
  • Consider specializing in heavy armor sets or specialized equipment pieces to maximize your Hippo Leather usage.
  • Explore specific regions to find Hippo habitats and hunt them strategically.
  • Keep an eye out for merchants selling Hippo Leather, especially when crafting specific gear.

By acquiring and utilizing Hippo Leather effectively, you can craft the most resilient armor and equipment, establishing yourself as a formidable force in the Skull and Bones world!

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